November 5, 2010

A Short Update

Abby seems more like her old self today, just an amazing 7 days post-op. She wags her tail more and gives kisses. She even hopped over and begged a little yesterday when my friend Michelle came over and we were enjoying our Rubio's burritos. Was never so happy to see her beg. She was very happy to see Michelle. She loves visitors. 

We actually slept pretty well too. Only got up once in the night and she even curled up in bed with us for a bit. I think we are getting there.
Here she is loving on her daddy when he came home from work.

Tonight we are going out so my sister, Terry, is coming to babysit, at least until Abby is settled in for the night. We are going to a fund raising dinner for World Bicycle Relief at The Farm House restaurant. The money raised will go to buy bikes for kids in Africa who have to travel ridiculous distances on foot to get to school. And the menu sounds amazing! It's like 7 courses. Plus Chris Horner, who was 10th in this year's Tour de France, will be there. We are such cycling geek-fans. I hope we (referring only to myself, really) don't act totally goofy in front of him. 

Oh - and to follow up on yesterday's post, that strange fruit - the sapote - was indeed a little strange. It was very soft and smooth and had a very mild flavor. It was like eating vanilla pudding, but someone forgot to put the vanilla flavor in.
And, now, for your enjoyment, here is a beautiful flower - with three stems:


  1. So glad she is acting more like herself. Beautiful flower! Have fun tonite and see you tomorrow.

  2. Love the flower. A happy background detail in both photos is the lack of towels, sheets, blankies, etc. in your living room. Tell Abby I'll see her in a few hours for our girls' Friday night. Maybe we'll paint our nails!

  3. Yes, the lack of blankies and towels is awesome! But I have piles of laundry to do now.

    Painting nails sounds fun. And you can do each others' hair.

  4. Cute video. Took me 22 minutes to download your 22 seconds.

  5. do you still have the popcorn video?

  6. I do still have the popcorn video. Was thinking of putting it up on here. It will take you forever to download it!


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