November 26, 2010


You may recall that in one of my earliest posts, I said I was "envisioning a future post that will be entitled: Fiesta Island!!" Well, today was the day! We finally made it back to Fiesta Island - Abby's favorite place. It was her first time back since all this began - the limping, the surgery, the recovery. And it's the one year anniversary of the day we adopted her, so it was a perfect day to go. 
The weather was gorgeous today. She had a great time running around and playing with the other dogs. Only a few people commented on her one-leggedness, but the ones who noticed were impressed with how well she was getting around. At one point, she was running down the beach toward us so fast it was amazing - but I was too slow to get the video going. I posted a couple of short little videos at the end. 
She also had a great time yesterday, spending some quality Thanksgiving holiday time with her cousin, Leo, the mastiff. But... stupid Mama (that's me) left the camera at Jim & Denise's, so no pics of that to post today. Hopefully I'll get my camera back this week. We had to use Mike's iPhone today at Fiesta Island. Good thing we had it for documenting her big day back!

I also took some cute pictures of her with her new long, skinny tiger toy from her Aunt Jean, but will have to wait to post those. And yesterday we got the letters from Jean's third grade class. They're really cute. I'll do a post about them later in the week.  


  1. I swear i don't hardly notice, until I do. She definitely still has some attitude as she growled at Leo when he seemed to want his bone back. I don't actually think he did want it though. Leo, with the huge 4 legged body, is no match for her.

  2. Wow, Abby girl, what a week you've had! Glad you got to celebrate your 1-year anniversary of winning the doggy lotto in such a fun way.
    Terry, Jon & Lou

  3. Abby must be using smoke & mirrors as I can't tell there's only 3 legs in the videos. Go Girl! Patty


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