November 15, 2010

Damn, She's Cute!

OK - maybe I'm biased, since she's our sweet baby, but how cute are these pictures?
Cuddling with Daddy

Ready for her close up

"Rub my belly!"

"Seriously, how can you resist my belly?!"
Yesterday, I met up with three of my freshman year (like, 1984ish!) college roommates in Temecula for lunch. It was really fun and hardly like any time had passed. (Although we did drink our adult beverages without turning it into a drinking game, so I guess time has passed...) [We went to Public House - thanks for the recommendation, Jim and Denise!] Anyway, while I was gone, Mike drove Abby up to the little park in our neighborhood. Apparently, they had a great time and he completely wore her out. They met a man with two Irish wolfhounds who fell in love with Abby and said he hopes to run into her again soon. 

Abby also took Mike to visit Mazli, who lives across the street from the park. Mazli is a friend that Abby and I visit a couple of times a week on our walks. We haven't been to see Mazli in ages because of, oh, the limping, the bone biopsy, the surgery, the recovery, etc. While they were there, Abby got three cookies plus a "chewie" rawhide treat, so she was in heaven. I know she missed Mazli - and the cookies and the chewies as well. After her outing, she was beat and crashed in her "deep dish deluxe" bed most of the evening!


  1. Yes, she is adorable. What's up with the collar? Is it all done? If so, that seems like blog-worthy news.

  2. Yes - you are right. I was going to do a post today with just a few random bits of info, so I'll mention that!

  3. Jackie, So glad you put the note about your blog in our mail box today. We have been out of town since all this started...just got back Sat.
    So pleased Abby (and you) are recovering from all this. Buddy and I will be on the lookout for you two so we can restart up on our dog walks. Connie

  4. Hi Connie! I thought you might have been away since I hadn't seen you and Buddy out and about. Of course, up until about a week ago, we weren't out either! Hopefully we'll run into you one morning this week!


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