November 13, 2010

I Didn't Think This Was Possible

Just a wee post for today about the use of the doggy door. I really didn't think Abby would be able to use it anymore. It just seemed like it would not be possible on three legs - but as you can see in this very short two-second video, it's no big deal at all for her. The girl must have some serious ab muscles to be able to support her weight on just her back legs while shoving the front half of her body through the door. No biggie!

We went on a couple of short walks with her today, trying to build her stamina back up. Some people don't notice at all; with others it takes a while for them to notice. One family in our neighborhood who have never spoken to us before (we've lived her 10 years!), actually talked to us. "Hey, did that dog always have three legs?" Seriously - that's what he asked me. Even though I've walked past their house with her pretty much every day, twice a day for almost a year now. Like, maybe he just didn't notice before. Anyway, they were nice and sympathetic and Abby ate it up. 


  1. Yep, we also thought that doggy door days were over for Stilts. She's just full of surprises! I was hoping she would have been to Fiesta Island on Saturday, but it's good that you're working on her stamina. Such good doggy parents!

  2. Yeah, I'm torn. I want to take her to Fiesta Island, but I'm afraid she'll do too much and play too hard. We'll see how her white cell count is and maybe go next weekend - but next weekend is hectic - parties on both days. So not like us!


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