November 12, 2010

Cujo Cone Puppy Video

OK - here it is. The video of (a) why she needs to still wear her cone/collar and (b) her Cujo-esque reaction when I put the collar on her. The quality is not great at points since I'm holding my "camera" (my iPod Nano) with one hand and trying to get the collar on with the other. (This is a huge file and I apologize to anyone on dial-up. Uh... probably just Linda?)

As you can tell from the laughing, I am not-so-much a-feared of her "I'll rip your face off" threats. I should have continued to film, since right after this she was immediately back to her old lovable self. Toward the end of the video, you hear Mike coming over and sweet-talking her. Within seconds of growling at me, she was showering him with kisses and then I got in on the act and received some as well, so all was forgiven.

Will do another post later with an update on her chemo reaction thus far. So many things to tell... but apparently advice to bloggers is to make the posts short so I don't bore y'all. So I may have to parse some things out over the coming days. We are off for our morning hop around the block. More later.  

(Thanks to Terry for pointing out that I've been misspelling Cujo! My only excuse is that I never read it/never saw the movie...)


  1. Good one, Abby! Glad to see Lou is not the only one who can show off those canines (without it really signifying much of a real threat). Such a funny puppy!

  2. This made my morning! (o.k., I don't have a life). Abby cracks me up. Her personality cup is overflowing. Can't get enough of her!

  3. Hysterical. Ya, she's so tough. Tough as her parents! If she would just chew the shirts instead of her incision you could just keep replacing her outfits.

  4. Hilarious! So scary. From your earlier blog, I was expecting some snarling as well, not just a showing of the teeth. Maybe she's really ... smiling. Yeah, that's it. She's happy to have a life preserver with that fetching blue bandana print put on.

  5. I crack up every time I watch it. Kath, she was actually growling but I'm laughing so hard/loud in the video that you can't really hear it.


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