November 16, 2010

No More Cone/Collar!

Just a few wee updates on some things today. First and foremost, yesterday was Abby's first full day/night without her e-collar. She still occasionally sits and licks her little nubby spot obsessively, but it seems to be all healed up, so no more stuffing her head into the life preserver and having her growl at me. (As captured here, if you haven't already seen the video.) Hoorah!

In bits of other news, she seems VERY much like her old self: chasing the ball up and down the hallway, chewing on people we meet on the street, munching on her bones, etc. etc. This morning she had every single one of her bones out. It looks a little frustrating to me, not having that other paw to hold the bone in place, but she seems to enjoy it.

We also ran a little bit yesterday  - just a tiny bit, but she's so fast! We live on a hill, and we used to sometimes race up it at the end of our walks. Well, yesterday morning she seemed to want to run, so I started jogging and she took off. I was amazed at how fast she could go.

Tomorrow we go for the follow-up blood check at the Vet Cancer Group. If her white count is OK, hopefully we'll be hitting the dog park or Fiesta Island soon. Would love to take her there this weekend, but don't think we'll have time - we have two parties to go to this weekend (which is not the norm cuz we usually have nada going on), and both are during the day so F.I. may not be possible. If her white count is fine, I might have to try to convince Mike to take a long lunch break Friday so we can take her!

Will post again tomorrow after her check up. 


  1. So glad to see all the wonderful progress, been away for a few days (went to visit the grandkids in Modesto)and not on the internet. Looks like we might be able to get Zeus and Abby together soon...

  2. Can we see a video of her running? I think it's amazing! She looks so great!

  3. Hoping to do a video of the running at some point. Can't really do it on our street, since I'd be running along behind her with the leash, and I'm sure you need to see it from the front or side for the full effect, but maybe this weekend Mike can help me film her. (Although this weekend is busy busy! Speaking of that, see you on Sunday.)

  4. Maybe I can be camera woman when I come by tomorrow if you and Abby are up for a little jog. (I'd offer to run with her while you film, but I don't think I can keep up with her!)


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