November 17, 2010

Cleared for the Dog Park!

Abby's follow up visit to the Vet Cancer Group went well this morning. As before, she was very happy to go there. She was not quite as happy when they poked her to take the blood sample, but she had a lot of cookies and got a lot of loving and attention, so in the balance it was a good visit. Here are some pictures of her getting cookies from the vet, Dr. Vancil, and the tech. 
Dr. V. said her white cell count had dropped a bit from her count pre-chemo, and both numbers were at the low end of the range, but the number was still high enough that he gave her the OK to go to the dog park. 

I texted a friend we met at the dog park, Leslie, who has a boxer named Dakota that Abby used to love to run and wrestle with at the dog park and at Fiesta Island. I don't think Abby is quite up to the wide open wildness of Fiesta Island just yet (I think she needs to build up her stamina a bit more first), so I thought maybe we'd meet at the dog park at an off hour when it might be sort of quiet. But, instead, Leslie graciously invited us to a private doggie play date at her house. This sounds much better to me, as I worry that the dog park might be busy and a bit overwhelming for her at this point. We are going to visit them tomorrow in the afternoon, so either later Thursday or early Friday I'll post pics from their date. Although Abby played a wee bit with a neighbor's mini Schnauzer on our front lawn yesterday, this will be her first time really playing full out as a Tripawd. Should be interesting... She learned her boxing style of play from Dakota, so we'll see how she does boxing with only her left jab! 

This afternoon we are going to the little park by our house (which is not a dog park, so we'll just hop around and hang out) and then over to visit our friend, Mazli, where Abby is sure to get many treats. Busy day for her! A little walk this morning, the vet, the park this afternoon and a visit to Mazli's! She'll be exhausted after all that.

Hopefully I'll manage to get a video of her running at some point--I'd like to see that myself; I've only seen her run from behind, since I can't keep up with her! One of these days I'll get that done and posted.


  1. She is such a good girl with the vet. I'm so happy for her and her parents! Can't wait for the running video!

  2. It's nice of your vet and staff to let you photograph them for your blog. And glad to hear she continues to do well and can have a play date. Can't wait to see the running video.

  3. Hope she can come at Thanksgiving! Leo has had all his shots though can't guarentee she won't be covered in dog drool.

    On another subject, I am often fasinated by the fake words the computer comes up with and it seems like so many should be words. Like mine for this comment is "exing", another word for divorce?

  4. Yes, we purposely scheduled her chemo so that she can come along for She has a lot to be thankful for and so do we! Thanks for inviting her.

    As for those fake words - they always intrigue me. Also, on the subject of words, I read about this group ( today that's trying to get old words back into circulation that the Oxford English Dict'y is threatening to drop. You can adopt a word, and then you have to try to use it as much as possible. Pretty amusing. Anyway, I adopted "gumfiate", which apparently means "to cause to swell."

    Seeing how well the pupster is doing gumfiates my heart.

  5. Hmmm, adopted dog, adopted word. What's next?
    Any chance you will be posting a photo of the famous Mazli after Abby's latest visit?

  6. I don't have any photos of Mazli! I'll tell her it was requested for the blog.


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