November 23, 2010

Tri-Limbed Treat for a Tripawd

So, I go to get the dog a biscuit last night, and this is what comes out of the box:

Yes, it's a one-legged man cookie. Nice. 

Now, if I'd just had a limb amputated and someone handed me a handicapped gingerbread man, I think I'd fail to see the humor. I'd probably burst into tears, in fact, since it's pretty darn mean. But not Abby. She took it stride, accepted the cookie gratefully, and bit his head off. 
In other news, we ordered a smoked turkey online. (Not really for Thanksgiving dinner, since we are going to my brother's house, but just to have for leftovers and smoked turkey chili and smoked turkey enchiladas and smoked turkey jambalaya and smoked turkey stew and, well, you get the idea.) Here's an action shot of Abby sampling the purchase. Unfortunately, she's quite adept at standing up to the kitchen counter, even with only one front leg to hang on with. Of course, she would NEVER do that if it weren't for Mike tempting her up there with a piece of turkey. Never. 

As long as the weather is nice on Thanksgiving (which "they" are saying it will be) we are planning to go to Fiesta Island on Thursday morning - Abby's favorite place in the world. Should be a fun time. Will probably do a post-Thanksgiving post. Going to be a big day for her - going to F.I. and seeing her cousin Leo, the mastiff, whom she loves. All of us here at our house have a lot to be thankful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


  1. Hope our muddy yard dries up for tomorrow. But I will only have to be 75% as irritated with her for muddy paws in the house! JK. Won't be mad at her but Leo's mud tracks are already driving me crazy. If he's going to dig huge holes in the grass so badly that we just let most of it die, he can at least keep his huge paws out of the resulting mud. Abby is right up there on our "Thankful For .... List"!

  2. See you later today. Happy turkey day!

  3. Abby hit the dog lotto! Do you think she needs a sister or brother to play with? She had such a good time with the boxer. Happy Thanksgiving! Patty

  4. See you later today Kath and Denise. Abby can't wait to see Leo. Patty - we have definitely considered getting her a brother or sister... but I've never had 2 dogs before. Not sure I can handle two at one time! We can barely keep this one under control! Happy Thanksgiving!


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