November 18, 2010

Oh, How I Missed My Friend!

Today Abby had her first real play session with another dog since her amp surgery. It's been ages - probably about a month and a half at least. And I don't think she's seen her pal Dakota since August! But they definitely remembered each other and had a great time. I took a ton of pictures, and as you can see Abby was right in there:

Dakota likes to leap off the wall - luckily Abby didn't try!
Good action shot of Abby running

"What's this thing? Hey, where'd your leg go?"
This last one is blurry, but I included it because it cracks me up. Dakota was sniffing Abby's little nub and licking it. Luckily this is not acceptable behavior in human circles.  

And, if that's not enough, there's also a video. As you can see by Abby's crazily wagging tail, she had a great time. (You can hear Leslie and I gabbing. You don't really need the sound on.)


  1. She is truly amazing.
    Your letters are ready (finally!)...I'll give them to you on Sunday.

  2. Oh, hoorah! I can't wait for the letters!

  3. Wow. She moves around great. You can't even tell she's a tripawed when they are all tangled up.

  4. It hasn't been long and she seems totally normal. What a nice boxer friend too! She is a sweetie.


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