August 1, 2012

One Word Wednesday: WINNER!

OK, it's supposed to be Wordless Wed., and I'm changing it to One Word Wed, but of course I can't limit myself to just one word... But the main word for today is Winner!

Without further ado, the winner of the big giveaway is (do you hear the drum roll??): Baba HooHoo!! (Isn't that the cutest login name?)
Here's how she won... I used to generate a random winning number which was 23. (I like #23 since it's my birth date.) Baba Hoohoo had the 23rd comment slot, so she's our winner! And now a signed copy of the book, Smooches treats, The Honest Kitchen cookbook, and an adorable pink & brown bookmark hook all tucked up in a cheery pink tote bag will be winging their way to her!

Parts of the Cancer Journey Don't Suck
I don't know Baba HooHoo, but I feel like I do because I know her daughter, Jenna. I've never met Jenna IRL, but we have gotten to be friends after meeting last year on the site. There are some really sucky things about losing your dog to bone cancer, but... I've met a lot of really nice folks and made some good friends from our journey with Abby, so that's definitely an upside. 

If you've been reading the blog for a while you'll remember Jenna because my sis and I made a mini woolen version of her angel, Chili Dawg. That's right - Baba HooHoo is Chili Dawg's grandma.
Angel Chili Dawg & Angel Abby
Jenna is a very lovely, sweet person, so I'm pretty sure her mom must be too. So, congratulations to Baba HooHoo!

Parts of the Cancer Journey Do Suck
To go back to the subject of the general suckiness of bone cancer for just a moment... today would have been Abby's 3rd birthday. I so wanted her to make it this far, but it wasn't meant to be. And, to her, it would have been a meaningless date anyway. (Well, not totally meaningless - the Flying Dutchman in celebration would have infused the day with a bit of meaty meaning.) But, really, every day was a celebration to Abby. She loved life! And I know she got pretty badly screwed on the longevity thing, but in terms of quality, she had a great life.

So cheers to Baba HooHoo (can you tell I like saying that? I've typed it like a dozen times...) and cheers to birthday girl, Angel Abby!

This is a blog hop!


  1. Congratulations Baba Hoo Hoo!!!

    Happy 3rd Birthday Abby! I hope you have all you can eat Flying Dutchman's at the bridge! xoxo

    Hugs and chocolate labby kisses,
    Ellen & Charley

  2. My mom is SO excited! When I told her to go to your blog just now, you could start to hear the excitement in her voice. Then when she read she was the winner...well, that was priceless. She NEVER wins anything!

  3. OMG I won! Jenna just called me and told me to look at your blog...which indeed I have been checking daily except today because I watch the grandkids and I usually go home and curl into the fetal position on the bed. I can't wait to read your book, hope you autographed it to Baba Hoohoo. The puppies will be so glad to get the treats even if they are watching their boyish figures. The bookmark, the tote, the cookbook and your book who could ask for anything more! Not me for sure...And Jackie, don't worry about the swears, my dad swore like a sailor (actually he was a sailor) so not to worry. Again, thanks a million and may you attend Tour De France sometime in your young lives (my Handsome loves the tour too). Love, love Baba Hoohoo PS I cried when Abby died. I still miss Fred T(the) Beagle and it has been 7 years.

  4. Oh Hooray, Jenna! I'm glad she's excited!

    And thanks, Ellen. Yes, I hope it's an all-you-can-eat buffet at the bridge too! Then she'll go run off all the calories at the beach.

  5. Thanks Baba HooHoo! I'm so glad that you're excited to win! I'm glad you managed to get out of fetal position to come check the blog.

    Tell the boys the treats are only 2.3 calories each! So they can eat 'em by the paw-fulls!

    Ok, good - glad you won't mind the swear words. I *swear* they're not over the top! Just a few here and there, where I thought appropriate to the character. :)

    Thanks for the tears for Abby. She was a special girl. And definitely - we'll make it to the Tour one of these days!

  6. Woohoo!! Congrats to Baba HooHoo - I love that name too!! :)

    Happy 3rd Birthday Abby :)

    Big hugs 'n' wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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