August 13, 2012

Pancake Catching Fail

Hi all - Rita here. Today it's time for Monday Mischief. Momma thinks I am a good girl, so she doesn't really think I get up to much mischief. (She's soooo wrong!)

Momma made this video of me yesterday -- it's supposed to be a game of catch with Momma using pieces of a leftover pancake from their breakfast to get me to learn to catch. (You can't really hear the sound very good - but it's mostly just Momma saying "Are you ready?" and then laughing at me. Nice, Momma. Real nice.)

Well... here's a little secret... Momma thinks I'm just being a doofus who can't catch, but the mischief part is that I know if I don't catch it, she'll toss another one to try again!

So, as you can see, my plan is to just keep letting that tossed food bonk me in the face. It's no big deal - it doesn't hurt, and then I can always pick it up off the ground. But, the more I miss, the more she tosses at me!

Who's laughing now?? Hehehehehehehehe. Just a little brilliant plan on my part! Hope you other pups are all out-smarting your mommas and daddies today and getting lots of extra treats outta them!


  1. Rita, you and Buster must have gone to the same school :-) His catching ability is the same as yours ;-)

  2. Hi Jackie and Rita,
    Its Jenna's Mom Baba HooHoo.
    I have a special post over at my blog dedicated to you with a big thank you.
    Hope you enjoy it.

  3. I love watching things bounce off your nose...too cute! Linus is great at catching treats and toys. Stetson is more of the bounce off your nose type.

  4. Oh Rita,

    You sure are a super smart Mischief Maker - I love your video and I don't think your Mom has any idea what you're up to!! :)

    Great job and I bet the pancake was very yummy - you're making me hungry!!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. hehe... don't feel bad, Rita! Bella can't catch either!

  6. That was a good plan, she clearly fell for it :)

  7. That gave me a good giggle.

    It took Honey a while to learn how to catch food. Every time we bounced a carrot off her head my husband would say, "Way to go, Mets!"

    It helps if you toss the treat across her face instead of directly to her. It's easier to follow.

    BTW, Honey is a Gold Gloves catcher now.

  8. Thanks for the tip, Pamela - I'll try tossing them across next time. (Although it sure is funny to watch stuff bounce off her nose...) :P


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