July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Some Veggies are Scary

I believe we've established that I'm not good at the wordless thing, so here's a modicum of words and some pics for "Wordless Wednesday."

I pulled out some veggies the other night for dinner. Later I hear "THERE'S AN INTRUDER"-type barking from Rita. I figure it's someone on the street, but she won't let up, so I go out to the front of the house and she's standing in the kitchen, hackles at half-mast, barking like crazy at... the eggplant on the kitchen counter.
"Must. Kill. Evil. Eggplant."

"Ohmygosh, did that other eggplant just move??!
After the sheer terror that is purple vegetables, I thought I'd introduce her to an artichoke. 
"Oooo, intriguing..."
"This one's not scary. It's tasty. I like this one, Momma!"

We'll let the hubster eat that bite... I'm not sure why eggplants are terrifying and MUST BE STOPPED but artichokes are okay. Anyway, Rita is on-guard here, keeping us safe from eggplant-kind!

And finally, remember when I said in my Giveaway post the other day that you couldn't have the bookmark-hook in the photo cuz it was mine? Well, here's the one you can win - in lovely pink and brown to match the cover of the book, and it has adorable paw and bone charms on it. Too cute, right?

Be sure to enter! You've got until Tuesday, the 31st at midnight PST.


  1. Thanks for the head's up Rita dear!
    I haven't seen any of those yet!


  2. I think eggplants are evil and must be stopped, too! Way to go, Rita-girl!

    "Auntie" Micki

  3. My mom and dad had a shepard mix that was scared of lettuce... I think eggplant is a little scarier.

  4. Hey Rita,

    You're an awesome Guard Dog!! I wonder how it even got in the house?! :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Have you checked to see if Rita barks at moussaka?

    I wonder if it's the shine that put her off. Most veggies don't reflect light like that.

  6. Stopped by from Coffee with a Canine to say hello.
    That eggplant does look scary.
    XO Cinnamon

  7. I had no idea that eggplants were so evil! :)

  8. That eggplant looks very suspicious indeed! *waggy tail*

  9. I just read about you on Pet Industry News - congratulations to you. That brought me over to you blog - congratulations to me! I love it.

  10. It's fascinating to me what things dogs find frightening or interesting. Who new eggplant was evil?

  11. I agree, some veggies are very scary!


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