August 31, 2012

What's In a Name?

Today's post was inspired by Dakota's Den's post on How Did You Name Your Dog.

Dakota's Mom shared this very fun graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365. {Click here to view Matt's full post.}

Dog Names

Who knew that George Washington had so many dogs? (I assume not all at one time...) And both G.W. and Queen Elizabeth had dogs named Vulcan?? What's up with that? (And doesn't that seem like sort of an imposing name for a cute little corgi?)

Anyway, I thought I'd share the story of how our pups got their names:

Bailey was named after Bailey's Bay, which was near where we lived in Bermuda. We thought we were being so unique and original! But suddenly there were Baileys everywhere, because there was a popular character on... I forget... a show we didn't watch so we had no idea. Maybe 90210? Something like that...

Abby's full name was Abby Louise, because that used all the letters in Bailey's name. Awww. Miss that girl!

Rita was named after Rosarita Beach, the beach in Baja Mexico where the rescue group found her. When she came to us, her name was Peaches. (Which was a funny coincidence, because there is a minor dog character in What the Dog Ate named Peaches.) Anyway, Mike makes a mean peach margarita, so in addition to being named after the beach, she’s also named after peach margaritas.

A pearl in the poppies
After reading Dakota's mom's post about how she found that Dakota means “trusted friend,” I decided to look up what Rita means: “Pearl.” This is another funny coincidence, because I joked with Mike when we were trying to come up with Abby's name that I wanted to name her Pearl so that I could be “Mother of Pearl.” (I know - I'm a dork.)

I guess we picked the right name for Rita, as she is definitely our special gem!

How did your pup get his/her name?

Very Brief Book/Writing News
In book news, I got another nice review on Chick Lit Central. Also, I had another idea for a book that I like and think could be a lot of fun to write - so I'm now working on three, yes three, different books at one time. And making myself crazy(er). Going to try to focus and finish one!!


  1. Hi Jackie!

    We've had several dogs over the years, and two have been named for movie characters.

    Our first dog was Belle, a white shepherd named for the main character in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." We saw the movie, got Belle, and my son suggested it because she was so pretty. And it suited her perfectly.

    Then we got Belle a playmate that she rarely played with. The dog was about a year old, in rescue, and we were her 4th home. She had never learned a name, or manners, and was pretty uncivilized. We named her "Zoot" for the "very bad girl" in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

    Then we got our Dakota, named after the fact we found him on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

    Four years ago came Evelyn the bulldog. Our youngest son (9 at the time) named her after a Frank Zappa song. She is our only-ever AKC dog, and her registered name is the song title: "Evelyn, a modified dog." Being a bulldog, she certainly looks modified!


  2. Hey Shari - hehehe, Zoot! I love it. Gotta love a Monty Python derived name!

  3. As you know, Indy was named for Indiana Jones even though she is a girl. I wanted to be able to call to her "Innnnnnddddyyyyyyyy...." like Marian does when she's being carried off in the basket.

    Indiana means "insane," which is fitting. (Really, it means Land of Indians--yawn.) I think my next dog might be Gus because that's what Mom used to call the rats in my hair. I remember Gus fondly. In fact, sometimes Gus is still with me--like this morning. Or maybe Bodie--for the ghost town, not the skier.

  4. My first pup, a very handsome beagle, came by the name Casanova (Cassy for short) because he started breaking hearts before I even had him. He was to be a surprise gift for my 40th, and two friends were going to share shifts keeping him hidden at their homes until the party. He didn't get to come home in time for my b-day cuz he was a little bit sick, so both Sue and Mary were just crushed.

    My current pooch, Lou, has had several names in his long life. His AKC name from back in his show-pup days is Champion Telltale's Chunky Monkey. (A crazy mouthful; I don't like monkeys; and I'm allergic to the bananas in that famous ice cream. So that name is a no-go.) His breeder gave him his pet-around-the-house name -- Kody, short for Kodiak. I think she thought his head looked like a big old bear head. When we got him, we changed his name to Louie -- short for a very long, hard-to-spell Welsh name, in honor of his Cardigan Corgi breed.

  5. Love the way you named your dogs.

    Honey's breeder was named Painting so we were looking for an artistic reference. We were thinking of a registration name of Painting Starry Nights (I love Van Gogh) and calling her Stella (y'know like star). But once we knew which dog was going home with us, it was obvious Stella was too big a name for her.

    She was definitely a Honey. Her full name is Painting Life's Sweet Moments.

    Yeah, those AKC names are stupid. But it was a fun bit of wordplay. You'd expect that from someone who named her blog Something Wagging This Way Comes, wouldn't you?

    BTW, 3 book projects at the same time? You're either very impressive or just a little bit crazy. :)

  6. We named our girl Shasta because she was the color of Shasta Cream Soda. Nakita, because that was the name that just popped into my head. And then Rio was named after Rio de Janiero, because we wanted a unique name and had gone to the atlas since we'd run out of other sources.

    The Moose was Wahini as a puppy (the Hawaiian word for "woman"), but had had her name changed to Sunny. She was the least "sunny" golden I'd ever met. We changed her name to Tosca (for the opera and for Tuscany -- my favorite place on the planet). And I was standing next to Nakita and Shasta's graves when "Zephyr" was whispered in my ear.

    And now, Luna -- she's very black and she's a lunatic -- actually my husband named her and so I have no idea of the rationale behind the name. And Nike is the name we're thinking of for puppy number 2. She's gonna be fast (she's a whippet; it's a given) and Nike is the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

  7. Our first dog came with the name Ford, & neither of us liked that name. He was a terrier with "little dog syndrome"-a desire to take on bigger dogs, so we named him Goliath since he was kind of a bully.

    Chili Dawg came to us with the name Chipper. He was an AKC registered dog but his owners lost the papers & we never looked into it since they took such crappy care of him anyway. Since he had red fur, I suggested we name him Cajun but my mom said his about Chili Dawg and it stuck.

    Finchy came to us as Finchy. We tried out a few different names on him (similar to Rumbles, Grumbles) but he refused to answer to any other name.

    Buster is AKC registered but when his owners surrendered him they didn't bring the papers. His tag has a number on it that I could probably look it up. I think his name should be Thumper because of how loud he beats his tail on the floor but since he "busts" through fences, Buster fits him as well.


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