August 15, 2012

Post Olympics Blues

Now that the Olympics are over, we have the post Olympics blues... We have had to resort to entertaining ourselves with our own sporting events around here - like Pancake Catching, Puppy Pouncing, Open Water Swimming, and the Sweet Potato Chase.

Open Water Swimming 
Remember last week I posted about Rita's first swim, and how we didn't have our camera? Well, this past weekend I remembered to bring my iPod Nano along, so we caught some videos of her in the act. (Luckily we went both days of the weekend, as the video from the first day was mostly of the hub's finger...)

So, here she is, our own little Rita Lochte: (it just occurred to me that Ryan has the word for "lake" in his name; he must have been destined to be a swimmer.) Note - please ignore my high-pitched squeaky voice in this video. She was probably trying to swim out to hold me underwater to make the squeaking stop....

Sweet Potato Chase
I found these dehydrated sweet potato snacks online (all made in America - always read the labels!! Don't buy anything for your pup made in China!) and I thought these would be a fun chewy snack for her, much better than a rawhide. Of course, trying to get a picture of her enjoying the sweet potato chew was not so easy.
I got a lotta pictures like this...  "You can't catch me!"
Pretty sure she is thinking, "Fight or flight?"
"Seriously, Mother, do not come near me. Or I'm outta here!"
What about you? Are you missing the Olympics? Are you filling the void with alternative sports?
Rita makes the podium in Sweet Potato Chase!

Book News & A Teaser...
In What the Dog Ate news, I've got lots of little items to share...

(1) Baba HooHoo (you remember her, right? I mean who could forget Baba HooHoo?) posted a lovely thank you on her blog with some really cute pics of her and her pups:
How perfect is the pink goody bag with her pink sweatshirt? (Isn't she adorable?)
Here, Burley and Sarge enjoy the Smooches treats they won!
Here, Baba HooHoo reads the book to the boys!

Baba HooHoo and I are both hoping the boys won't get any ideas from Kona and start eating random items around the house.

(2) I was excited to find out that my book made the cut for a website called "Awesome Indies." They didn't actually review it here, but the site promotes "quality books by independently published authors." It took me months to get listed on here, and they are pretty strict with their criteria for making it in, so I was honored to be included. If you are looking for good books at really reasonable prices, check out the books listed on Awesome Indies. They also list books that are available for free!

(3) Remember I mentioned that to celebrate the print version of the book, I pledged to give a portion of the proceeds to Best Friends Animal Society? Well, I'd emailed them to put my pledge in writing, but I didn't hear anything back - until this week. I didn't honestly expect to hear anything, after all (as I said in my letter to them), I know they have sponsorship deals with huge corporations, so my commitment is very small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. But the other day I had a message on my answering machine from one of the founders of Best Friends! He said he just wanted to thank me and to let me know that what I'm doing is helping make a difference for the animals. Cool, huh? Now I just hope to sell a lot of books so I can have a decent donation to send to them!

(4) Finally, here's the teaser part, if you wanted to win a signed hard copy of my book in my giveaway last month, but your name is not Baba HooHoo (meaning you did not win) - then you are going to have another chance soon! But not on my blog... On my blog you'll be able to win something else. On Friday, details will be revealed on how you can win a different book here, and how you can win my book on another blog! But you'll have to wait and check in on Friday!


  1. I was not expecting Baba HooHoo to be young. I was picturing a Russian woman wearing a bubushka and eating borscht.

    Rita is quite the swimmer!

  2. Funny. I know, isn't she so young and cute??

    And, yes, Rita is such a good swimmer! But she doesn't seem to like it much... I'm hoping she'll get more comfortable with it and actually start swimming with her doggy friends.

  3. Although I am not Russian, I could try to wear a bubushka but due to a flat head, it always slips off and I have never tried borscht, but I really would like to try it, I do like beets. Jackie, I have been reading your book, I am nearing the middle and am rooting for Annie and Kevin and for Maggie and Russell. Am enjoying the book but Sargie and Burley keep sneaking off with it. In fact I caught them under a blanket with a flashlight last night when they were supposed to be asleep. May you sell many copies and help many pets. Smooches from Baba HooHoo

  4. Baba HooHoo, I'm so glad you -- and the boys! -- are enjoying the book!

    If you like beets, you might like borscht. I made some once when we had a ton of beets from our bi-weekly organic veggie box. It was very pretty - a lovely shade of purply red, but I wasn't too crazy about it...

  5. Rita looks great in her medal!! :) I think she should get a Swimming medal too :)

    I'm exhausted after the Olympics, (all the chewing!) so I'm just resting, but I'll be ready when the Paralympics start, I hope they're on TV :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. Yay good for her! Rita looks a bit apprehensive, but after a while she may feel more secure. Kelly loves to swim...but one time she swam out after some ducks and....well, we had to rescue her in a row boat!

  7. Hi Jackie, thanks for your well wishes, just popped by to see your blog which I love, thanks again
    Have a nice day

  8. Adorable! I have a 5 year old that doesn't think he can swim!

  9. She did GREAT on the swim. First time we took Jack and Maggie they both wanted nothing but OUT of the water.


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