August 20, 2012

Monday Mischief: UnbreakOBall & Monkeybutts

It's Monday Mischief time again, so this week we've got a video of Rita being mischievous with another little something that we won. Yes, we won something again! We've been so lucky lately! Remember a while back I posted about the UnbreakOBall contest and encouraged folks to enter? And remember I included the link to my entry for Abby versus Barney, which Liz from the Indestructible Dog Gear blog turned into: "The Tale of Abby & Barney: A Love Story"? Well, Abby was named the "Indestructible Dog of the Month" for July (whoohoo!) so Rita received an UnbreakOBall in Abby's memory.

"More mail for me??"

She loves the ball, but it makes her nutty!
Sometimes she just has to chew her bed in frustration!
Pictures alone won't do it justice though. You have to hear the weird snorty pig noises she makes while she plays with it. I've never seen her react like this to a toy before. We only play with it for a few minutes at a time, and then I have to put it up, because she gets so worked up! It's pretty darn funny to watch.

You can still enter - maybe you'll be the winner for August! Rita says a big thanks to Liz & the folks at UnbreakOBall! (And to angel Abby for helping her little sis win a new fun toy!)

(I'm happy to report she did not break the vase!)...............yet...............

In Other Mischief News
Patron Saint of Cuteness
We know a lot of mischief makers around here - they generally go by the term Monkeydogs or Monkeybutts. If you've been around the blog a while, you know that Monkeybutts (aka Monkeybutt Bunnies) usually have lived with a 3 legged sibling (causing them to act out to try to get their share of their pawrents' attention) or they may have come to live in a house that used to have a Tripawd, like our house, with our Monkeybutt Bunny Rita. (Sometimes I think she probably gets a little tired of hearing about her saintly sister, Abby!)

Anyway, the king of the Monkeybutts is Rocket - and he was our latest needle felting creation recently. I figured it was appropriate to share some pics of him on Monday Mischief.

Rocket in orbit
Here he is, as his usual Monkeybutt Bunny Vampire Pirate self...

And here he is as his in his mini woolen version.

I love his little fluffy butt & tail
Here he is with Angel Abby...

...and of course he had to knock her over like any good Monkeydog would!
I think that's plenty of mischief for one Monday from this little corner of the blog-o-shpere. Be sure to check out the blog hop for lots more mischief from other pups!

And... don't forget to enter the giveaway for a copy of Dieting With My Dog! It's easy - just leave a comment and enter using Rafflecopter. You have until this Thursday at midnight to enter!


  1. That Rocket is cute. I've only ever seen a pic of him in the bunny ears/patch so I was thinking he was a very pale golden retriever. Wrong!

  2. Oh what fun...we love unbreakable toys!

  3. I think Dublin would enjoy an UnBreakOBall. I may have to order one for him and send it to Arizona! I heard he chewed through his supposedly durable RhinoBone so maybe an UnBreakOBall will do the trick.

  4. Oh my!!! Rocket and I were having just a good watching Rita's video (he had to sit in my lap and watch and bark!), we didn't even scroll down to see his cute little monkeybutt, er I mean face!!

    We both were so excited when we got our mini-Rocket! Thank you so much! The photos are adorable of him and Abby. You know he would totally knocked her down! But I bet he would have snuck a kiss too!

    We very much loved the video of Rita. He really is smitten with her!

  5. Looks like Rita loves it! My guys must have something that squeaks or they are not interested...usually!


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