August 3, 2012

Catching Up: Winnings, Hedgehogs & Mini Cover Models

So much to catch up on in this post! But it's mostly pictures...

More Goodies for Rita
Last time, I posted about the winner for my giveaway (Baba HooHoo!) but Rita's winnings also continue to come in! Remember all the stuff we won during K9 Kamp? Well, this week we got two more items. First, Rita got some stuffed squeaky bones from Flint & Lars
"I love mail!"
Not just one; not just two...
...but THREE squeaky bones. So spoiled!
Then she got her Dog Cookies book from Hubble and Hattie
The hub's reaction was "wow, some of these look really good!"

These we didn't win (I actually paid for something for Rita for once!) but to celebrate Abby's third birthday, Rita got a bag of hedgehogs:
"It says here these are wheat and gluten free. Interesting..."
"I'm goin' in!"

He's a little dirty - she ran outside with him, afraid I'd steal him!
Looks like she's checking out his (nonexistent) hedgehog naughty-bits in this photo.
In addition to her new toys and treats, Rita has a new friend. The hubs has (luckily) been getting home at a more reasonable time all week, so we've been going on a 20 minute walk most nights to a little park by the ocean where pups and their humans gather. The pups meet to play, the humans to watch the sunset. Rita's new little friend is named Bee. Rita loves Bee! 

Teeth, claws, and blurry-quick movements to the contrary, Rita does actually play really nicely with Bee:
Bee is a tiny thing & she often hides between anyone's legs.
And they both share their water nicely - even with other random pups:
"No, no, after you!"

A Mini Cover Model
In needle-felting news, my sis and I felted a Charley - the cover model from my book! I was worried we wouldn't do him justice since Charley is so handsome, but I think he came out cute. 

Real Charley & Mini Charley
Mini Charley & Mini Abby, Charley's Angel
Book-related News
I've had several reviews, interviews, posts, etc. lately. Here's a list if you want to check any of them out (most of you have already seen these since I posted them on Facebook/Twitter):
  1. A wonderful review on My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much. (I made her stay up too late.) :)
  2. I was the featured "Writer of the Week" on
  3. I got to answer fun questions on Coffee with a Canine (have a look if you want to know the one thing I would ask Rita if she could answer a single question in English).
  4. I got my first blurb! A "blurb" is when a published author gives a lovely little sound-bite for your book. The wonderful Elsa Watson, author of Dog Days, called my book a "a cheer-me-up read, the story of a smart woman putting her life back together. Maggie is the character women have been waiting for - she's clever, funny, and REAL." So, that immediately went up on my Amazon page for the book! Hooray, and thanks again to Elsa!
You'd think with all this good book news, sales would be a little better, but - not gonna lie - they haven't been great. They've been just OK. Nothing you could live on... unless, maybe you were a pet hamster. A pet hamster could probably live pretty comfortably on the proceeds - could maybe even be like the Kardashians of hamsterdom - but that's about it. Anyway, hoping for some momentum to build, but in the meantime, it's nice to hear from folks that they've enjoyed the book. 

If you want to make an author's day - send them an email telling them how much you liked their book!


  1. I LOVE my Mini Charley! It is one of my most prized possessions! The picture of Mini Charley and Mini Abby brought tears to my I feel like they have met. Abby will always be one of Charley's Angels. Thank you so much!

  2. I also think that Charley came out very cute. You guys are getting good at this.

    P.S. My secret code word to post this comment was nailabom, which kinda sounds like nylabone, which I thought was fitting.

  3. Oh Rita! Those look like some wonderful treats and toys! And your new friend looks like fun!!!
    (I had to hide the pics from MBBunny Rocket)

    Awww! What an adorable little Mini-Charley!

  4. I'm gonna have to try and find those hedgehogs... They look durable.

    Sorry sales aren't great, but you're out there, doing what you love, and that's way more important that money! Paying the bills is nice, though....

    Bummed I didn't win.... I really wanted that signed copy of WTDA!


  5. Hey Jackie,

    That sure is a lot of news - so happy Rita has a new buddy :)

    And my Mum is super happy cos she gets to go back to reading your book today - she just loves it!! :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. My first time stopping by your blog. Cute dogs!

  7. Glad you got the k9kamp goods! I love the felted dog, wow that is cool!!

  8. I love your needle felted dogs! I started needlefelting last year and enjoy doing it. Need to get back into because it's so relaxing

  9. As the other member of the felting duo, just wanted to chime in about Charlie. His little felted version went together the best of any pup we've created yet. So I figure the real Charlie must be a very good boy! (Not to mention such a gorgeous cover model.)


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