August 17, 2012

Dieting With My Dog - Giveaway!

One of the really great things about publishing my book has been meeting other writers - like Peggy Frezon, author and dog columnist. So, today I wanted to introduce you to Peggy and her book, Dieting with my Dog: One Busy Life, Two Full Figures…and Unconditional Love.

My copy is on its way, so I haven't read it yet, but the book tells "the honest and heartfelt story of one overweight woman and her chubby spaniel, struggling to lose weight together. Their wonderful results will inspire anyone who wants to get fit and healthy…with their furry best friend."

“Peggy Frezon has written a charming and delightful tale. Dieting With My Dog is sweet, funny, inspiring and adorable, just like Peggy and Kelly!”
–Julie Klam, bestselling author You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness

{And as a side-note, I'm very jealous that Peggy managed to get Julie Klam to blurb her book! But back to Peggy's book...}

Quick Q&A
Peggy graciously agreed to do a Quick Q&A with me, so here are 5 questions I asked:
Q1. Your book sounds great! I know a lot of people struggle with their weight, and I know there are also a lot of overweight dogs out there. My hubby and I used to joke (back in our running days) about starting a fat-farm for dogs, so I love the idea of getting in shape with your dog. So, how would you describe your book - is it more of a "how to" book or a memoir?   

A. Memoir. It's the story of my journey with Kelly, how we realized it was time to take action, and the steps we took. While Kelly was only a few pounds overweight (6 lbs), I was in worse shape and together we were heading toward some dangerous territory. I get pretty real about the reasons for overeating, and overfeeding my dog, and the emotional struggles and challenges that block weight loss success. At the end there are some "how-to's" but mostly it is the story of a journey, and many pet owners can relate to the struggle.

Q2. What was the most surprising thing you learned during your weight loss journey with Kelly?  

A. Food is not love. That may sound obvious to some, but I had kind of gotten trapped in that mindset. I gave her extra treats because I love her so much! I indulged in sweets as a way of treating myself as well. Together, we learned a lot healthier ways to show love and devotion, and to have fun.

Q3. Since you know I have to ask about "what the dog ate", what is Kelly's favorite decadent snack? 

A. hehe I love that your novel is about what that silly dog ate! Well, Kelly's favorite snack would be cheese. Any time she heard the fridge door open and that wrapper crinkle she'd come running. It would wake her from a sound sleep!

Q4. Hmmm. Yes, I have definitely lived with some dogs like that! If you could take one food item that is "bad" for you and wave your magic wand to turn it into a fat-burning, antioxidant-laden, GOOD-for-you food, what would it be?  

A. Ice cream with caramel topping! I'd eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please start waving that magic wand!

Q5. Oh, believe me, I would if I could! (Only for me it would be chocolate topping on the ice cream!) Do you have a favorite diet or exercise tip you can share from the book?

A. The most important one, for your dog, is to measure his or her food. I was giving Kelly "one scoop" twice a day. It turned out that my scoop held more than twice what she needed, and I had no idea. Just giving her the proper amount of food was the biggest step toward helping her lose those extra pounds.

Two Giveaways!
Peggy Frezon Book TourSince "what the dog ate" seems like such an obvious tie-in to "dieting with my dog," we decided to come up with a Top 10 list of things Kona ate and how they relate (or not!) to dieting.'ll only find items 1 through 5 below. In order to see items 6 through 10, you'll have to visit Peggy's Pet Place blog. While you're there, you can check out her review of What the Dog Ate and enter to win a copy signed by yours truly!

At the end of this post, you can enter to win a copy of Peggy's Dieting With My Dog.

Kona's Top Ten Dieting Tips: 1 - 5

Don't forget to enter below using Rafflecopter to win a copy of Peggy's book. And also don't forget to hop over to her blog to enter to win a copy of mine!

You can fetch Dieting with my Dog on Amazon. You should also check out Peggy's latest book, Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw: How One Woman Finds Faith and Hope Through the Heaing Love of Animals. Peggy and I were thrilled the other day when both our books appeared together on Fidose of Reality's list of Five Dog Books You Should Be Reading!
Connect with Peggy at:
Peggy's Website (Be sure to check out Peggy's site for cute book trailers!)
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  1. Sissy likes cut up carrot rounds for a healthy snack.

  2. Hi Danielle - thanks for entering!

    If I give Rita a piece of carrot, she loves to munch on it, but then she just spits it out and I'm left with little bits of carrot in the carpet! So no more carrot for my silly girl! Wish she would eat them like a normal person, er, I mean, dog!

  3. Buster and Finchy like apples. Sliced of course. Not whole. They have standards. Lol.

  4. This is an awesome giveaway!! :)

    I know all about the being there when the fridge opens thing, if I'm hungry I'm there and do my sad look (and perfect sit) and Mum gives me a Carrot - Yay!! :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Tosca will eat anything from the garden -- in fact, I have to shoo her out because she helps herself to everything! She picks the berries right off the bush, steals peas right off the vines and pulls up carrots to munch on... Yesterday, she ate a whole plum right off the tree. We say she must have been a farmer in a previous lifetime! And now Zephyr has started copying her, too... I'll be lucky if I can get any of my veggies for me to eat!


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