October 24, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Trick or Treat? Definitely Treat!

In yesterday's post, I told you about how we met this gorgeous gentleman, Parker Pup:
And I promised there'd be more Parker today. So, let's get right to it. In honor of Halloween, and in honor of meeting Parker at the gala, here is one of the cutest doggy-Halloween videos you'll probably ever see, staring Parker and his Golden-angel sister, Daisy: [You might want to have the sound low at the beginning. There is a doorbell that rings early on, and if your pups are anything like mine, they might go nuts. You can turn it back up after that!]

You can learn more about Parker (he's an actor, a model, a doggy Olympics medalist, and a cancer advocate) at his web site. There's a cute video about him on his home page.

We personally follow him on his Facebook page and on Twitter.

Also, if you are a Golden person or know someone with a young Golden, check out MAF's Golden Retriever Cancer Study. They goal of the study is to learn how to prevent cancer in dogs! The study is going to be the largest and longest study of it's kind ever done, and although they are focusing on following 3,000 purebred Goldens, the results are expected to benefit all breeds, and - as I mentioned in yesterday's post - humans might ultimately benefit from the study as well! Pretty cool, huh?

Happy Mirth Watch Thursday. Go forth and be mirthful.


  1. BOL funny.......now I need to do that to get some swag. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love this! Parker and Daisy are great...Thanks for sharing the fun

  3. We follow Parker too. Those dogs are so funny and adorable!

  4. That was freaken awesome! Thank you for sharing, will be looking up Parker, he sounds like a gem.

  5. oh that was too adorable! Thanks for sharing his website, twitter and Facebook, I am following him. LOVED THAT VIDEO!!

  6. I just love that video!! I think that cancer study is great....if I had a young golden I would definitely do it. BTW, Parker did share his cancer vest on Facebook and I was able to see Moses and Shelby's names on there!

    1. Oh, very cool! I missed that he shared it on there. I'll have to check it out.

  7. Too cute. I could probably teach Toby to hold the bucket....right up until the moment that the treat is dropped in. LOL!

  8. omd, that video was crazy cute! thanks so much for sharing it. :)
    wags, bailey unleashed

  9. Smart pups! I could see Delilah doing this, except she wouldn't get someone to share the loot with and she wouldn't wait to eat it! LOL


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