October 18, 2013

Follow Up Friday: More Questions than Answers

I'm joining the Follow Up Friday hop a little late...
I'm not usually one to have my posts done way in advance, but I do like to at least have them done the day before. Well, yesterday I had an acupuncture/massage appointment to help with some back/arm pain, and she made me promise I'd stay off the computer the rest of the day. (She said the muscle memory in my arm/back would make me tighten right up again if I jumped back on the PC.) I told her that would be HARD for me (yes, I'm an addict) so she said I could do it if I typed left-handed.

I was not about to type a whole post left-handed so here I am, a little late... (and I am typing this while listening to a kitchen timer tick. I promised I would take a break and stretch once/hour! You should do that too!)

Anyway, the main point of this post is that Peggy and I need to put your collective-genius brains to work, so this is a post with more questions than answers, but first . . . a quick follow-up . . .

Questions Answered
Flea of Jone's Natural Chews asked on my Monday Mischief post, "Working on the next book yet?" Short answer is YES. Maybe I'll talk more about it another time. For now I'll just say it's about 1/3 done, there is a dog ('natch), and I hope to have it out next fall.

In my Mirth Watch Thursday post I mentioned the count-down to the Gala of Hope and seeing Betty White. (One more sleep!) 

Jodi of Heart Like a Dog asked, "Do you think you'll get to meet Betty?" I don't know. I'm guessing we won't, but, just in case . . . my sis is making me bring a copy of Rescue Me, Maybe along and I also bought a new evening bag big enough to hold it (my evening bags were sad anyway, so I needed a new one), so if the opportunity arises (and my sis twists my arm hard enough) I will try to foist my book upon Betty. (Is that obnoxious?)

Jan K. of Wag N' Woof Pets asked, "Are you familiar with ParkerPup, a golden retriever on Facebook?" Yes! I follow him. She mentioned he fund-raises for Morris Animal Foundation and is supposed to be at the gala. He will be sporting his cancer vest - which has 2 of her angels' names on it! I hope to meet him and will look for Moses and Shelby's names!

Also several folks mentioned that they'd perhaps like to publish a book someday. If you ever have questions about the process, I'm happy to help and share what I've learned along the way, so just let me know!
A random photo, cuz we can't have a post without a pic.

Did you see the lovely reviews?
If you haven't seen them, and if you have a coupla minutes, please check out the lovely reviews that Rescue Me, Maybe got yesterday from Talking Dog Blog and Wag N' Woof Pets. I was SO happy to read these (and I shared them on Facebook, even though I was supposed to be staying off the PC - but I shared left-handed!) Also, thank you to Roxy the Traveling Dog who left a wonderful 5-star review on Amazon. You have no idea how many times I almost gave up on that book, so it's great to hear that folks are enjoying it! Big-time phew!

NOW... We Need Your Input
Peggy of Peggy's Pet Place and I plan to start a blog hop that would happen once/quarter and be for support/info for pets with cancer. We are trying to come up with a clever name! Here are some of the ideas we've got - let us know what you think, or do you have a BETTER idea?? Hopefully one of these will give one of you a flash of brilliance and you'll come up with something great. 
  1. Pets Against Cancer (PAC) - does PAC make you think of Political Action Committee though?
  2. Pets and Cancer Support (PACS) - meh
  3. Lavender Leashes - everyone knows pink = breast cancer, but did you know lavender = all cancers?
  4. Lavender Paws - instead of Lavender Leashes cuz usually only dogs do leashes and we want to be inclusive
  5. Abby & Brooks against Cancer (ABC) - our angels (awww)
  6. Give Cancer the Paw - no cute acronym to go with though!
  7. Pets United for Cancer Support (PUCS) - not the best acronym ever...
  8. Tails United For Support (TUFS) - and I'm picturing a cat/dog tail entwined to form a cancer "ribbon
Do any of those grab you? Which is your fave, or do you have a better idea?

(Dang, an hour goes by fast! Time to stretch!)

Thanks to Heart Like a Dog and 2 Brown Dogs for hosting Follow Up Friday!


  1. 1) Thanks for joining the hop, despite your limitations. :-D
    2) No, it's not obnoxious to bring your book to Betty White! She's a legend dammit!
    Great idea on the blog hop, would it raise funds? Right now I like ABC, but I'll let my gray matter work at it a bit.

  2. Now reading that you nearly gave up on your book makes us feel awful. Things have just got in our way but we are really looking forward to making some time and reading it. Sorry it has taken us so long....we fell bad about that. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. How about "Cats, Dogs, and Cancer"......CDC :-) Now that's a catchy acronym....Just kidding.

    I loved your new book as much as the first. I want to do a review on my blog but things have been off-kilter since our accident. I haven't been in a blogging frame of mind. Soon, though!

  4. You have had some pawsome reviews! My mom couldn't stay away from the computer either no matter what the dr. said!

  5. I like lavender paws.. I came up with....talk to the paw, cancer! Have a great time sat night.

  6. I like Give Cancer the Paw, acronym or not. And I think it's great you are planning a blog hop for info for pets with cancer.

  7. I so hope you get to meet Betty and give her a book. I like lavender paws.

  8. Thank you so much for saying you would look for Moses and Shelby's names! That really means a lot to me. I hope you are able to give Betty your book, that would be cool, not obnoxious at all!
    I LOVE your and Peggy's idea for the cancer blog hop. It's a subject I have wanted to write about, but it's so difficult with Moses' loss too fresh still. The hop would definitely inspire me.
    I like #s 4,5,6 and 8. I do like the tail/cancer ribbon logo that could go with #8.
    I like Letters to Andrew's thought that maybe the hop could somehow raise funds too.

  9. Golden LOVE to meet Betty White n Parker Pup. We vote for Lavender Paws (Purple PAWS). Lavender is more of a scent and Purple is a color. Actually preparing a post this week ... thinking of a creative way to present it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Really like Lavender Paws! Some of the others sound so... I dunno, political? And I like that Lavender Paws isn't specific to any individual dog. (I say that because I've had several dogs with cancer.) And I hope that if you get close enough to Betty White, you should definitely give her a copy of your book!! Can't wait to hear about the event.

  11. I would not be typing a whole post with my left hand either. Sounds like a nice hop you are planning. :)

    Well I am all caught up on my blog reading (and my laundry). Still have found no time to start your book. :(

  12. Foisting your book upon Betty obnoxious? Probably, but you could pull it off, lol. I'm catching up late, so as of my writing this, you've already gone to the gala. Can't wait to hear about it!
    I read those reviews, and wow, those are some great reviews! Sue should probably be a professional book reviewer! Do not expect such quality reviews from me, lol. Positive? Yes. Quality? No. ;)
    As far as the blog hop name, I like Lavender Leashes, Lavender Paws, and Give Cancer the Paw!

  13. Golden Hello it's me again. Hope you had a great time. In regards to "c" color. You are right about Lavender (which pertains to human cancer). We had a meet-up with some of our dog friends today (most of them lost their golden to cancer). They inform us that Canine Cancer ribbon color is Red with Black Paws. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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