October 10, 2013

Feeling Blue on Mirth Watch Thursday

You guys! You are not going to believe my tale of woe...

You know I love Morris Animal Foundation and Betty White right? (If not, I mentioned it here, plus mentioned my donation pledge to MAF in my book trailer that I posted yesterday.) So, imagine how excited I was when I got a phone message inviting me and the hubs to the MAF's "Gala of Hope," featuring Betty White - we're talking free tickets!

Since we donate to MAF, we get their mailers so had seen that the event was happening on Oct. 19. I had said to the hubs how much I wished we could go, but (a) it's in L.A., about 2 hours from our house (that's with NO traffic), (b) the tickets for the 2 of us would have been $600, (c) it's not the hubs' favorite thing in the world to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy. So the mailer went in the recycle bin.

But they called yesterday and said they wanted us to come for free!! We were chosen because of Abby's entry in the Orvis cover dog photo contest. If you've been following the blog for a long time, you'll remember that I entered this photo of her in the contest way back in Feb. of 2011.

I blogged here in July 2011 about how we didn't win nuthin' - even though Abby placed 3rd (!) out of almost 13,000 dogs in the "Most Unique Voters" contest. (You had to pay to vote, with all the money going to MAF to support canine cancer research. Most Unique Voters meant we didn't raise the most money, but we were 3rd for the most folks voting for her!) Abby even had an Orvis Deep Dish bed that she loved (which Rita now loves), so we figured she'd make a perfect Orvis cover model.
Abby - crashed in her Orvis Deep Dish bed
Well, we didn't win nuthin' at the time... but I guess we did finally win something. Something great!

Only... I can't go. :(

I'm SOOOOOO bummed. But we have an 88th birthday party planned for my mom that day. In theory, I could put in an appearance at my mom's party and then drive the 2 hours (assuming NO traffic) to the gala, but we'd be beat by the end of the night and would need to get a hotel room. It all gets kinda complicated.

If it weren't so far from our house, or if it weren't the same day as the birthday party, we could make it. Seriously, we never have ANYTHING on our social calendar. What are the odds the 2 things would be on the same darn night?? Such a bummer. :(

Betty White, you guys!

So... for a blue Mirth Watch Thursday, I give you a cute vid of the lovely Betty pitching the Orvis cover dog contest:
(Maybe I should have tried Betty's tactic for getting Abby on the cover?)

Hope you are having a mirthful Thursday. If not, let the commiserating begin...


  1. Oh, dog! What are the odds? Disappointed for you... Betty White!!

  2. BOL that is a real pity. Such a shame. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh my gosh! There must be some way you can do both! (BTW, I can't believe Abby wasn't the cover dog. She should have won, paws down.)

    Susan and Wrigs

  4. That's not fair! So close yet so far. I'd be tempted to try to make it work but I hear you on the traffic/tired stuff.

  5. Oh no!!!!! And there's absolutely no way to reschedule Mom's birthday party? I know, I know... that sounds terrible!! She's 88! She doesn't deserve to have her party rescheduled.
    But, but, but Moooom... this gala is once in a lifetime!!! Oh wait, you only turn 88 once in a lifetime too, huh?
    Dang. SOOO sorry, Jackie! Seriously... what are the odds?

  6. This was a post that took us from elation to cuteness to what a bummer-dom. I would be tempted to tell your mother that there was a big mistake in the day of her birthday. But I don't think I would actually do it. But gee, Betty White?

  7. Oh so sorry you can't go!! But congrats on winning 3rd place. I love love the photo of Abby on the bed. So sweet!

  8. So great to do well in a contest! I love your blog. I think I just found it. I too started my blog to deal with my dog's cancer. She just died Saturday. (MatildasJourney.com)

  9. Oh no....that would have been so awesome for you. Maybe something will happen and you will be able to go after all.

  10. oh darn!!!!!!!!! Would the person turning 88 understand? I didn't go to a 90th bday here because I couldn't, because I was being sponsored at BarkWorld. Betty White is a once in a lifetime thing!

  11. That really really stinks. But how awesome to have gotten the invite, right? :-)

  12. oh no poor you! Great that you got the invite to go. Next time?

  13. Oh no that is terrible!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. So cool! What a great thing but what a bummer it is on the day of your Mom's party. My mom never has anything going on but when she does it is always a mess because something else will come up. Our advice is that you only have one mom and she is older, so you need to spend time with her. Being a caring organization, explain why you are declining and I bet they may invite you to their next event. It is still a bummer of a conflict but that is our take on it :) Wow...just awesome!

  15. Wow, congrats on being invited....that is so cool. It really sucks that you have that conflict! I hate it when that happens. It sounds like it would be really difficult to try to do both.
    Both of those photos of Abby are adorable, and it's great they finally acknowledged your 3rd place anyway.

  16. Oh my gosh! So sorry you can't go :( I love Betty White!! She and your birthday party person are about the same age, maybe they could party together LOL!

  17. Bummer! But I love the photo, I love that you did receive the opportunity, and I'm so happy that you were recognized. Bravo!


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