October 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Outtakes, So-Cal Fall & A New Hop!

I'm going to be a tiny bit wordy today (quelle surprise, right?), because I want to tell you more about the new blog hop that Peggy from Peggy's Pet Place and I are starting! More on that at the end, after I share a passel o' pics. 

So, last week I shared this selfie of Rita and me in my new SlimDoggy gear that I won.
Trying to get a shot where (1) Rita's not moving, (2) I'm not looking like a dork, and (3) the SlimDoggy gear is actually in the shot was way more challenging than the above happy snap would infer. Here are some of the outtakes:

At one point I gave up...
But then got back at it again... These are my faves - Rita got all nutty and started rubbing her head against me. So cute. 

Have you tried to take a selfie with your dog? Did you also have a lotta outtakes?

So Cal Fall
I wanted to share this pic cuz I LOVE fall, and lots of folks complain that we don't really have fall here in So Cal, but here's a shot of fall, San Diego-style:
The liquidambar leaves change color, and fall... into a palm frond
You gotta search for the fall colors here, but we do get them!

Hope You'll Hop Along!
Finally, you might remember that Peggy and I were looking for input for the name for our new hop related to cancer in pets. We got a lot of votes here on the blog and on Peggy's Facebook page for Lavender Leashes or Lavender Paws. Well, that wise girl, Sugar the Golden Retriever, retrieved some info for us that lavender represents all cancers... in humans. Canine cancer is a red ribbon with black paws. Since we want the hop to support all pets, we went with the red and black color scheme, but not the canine-specific ribbon. We also went with the name that was the next-most popular vote-getter!

So, we present the Give Cancer the Paw blog hop! 

The hop will be quarterly, with our first hop next Wednesday, Nov. 6th. We hope you'll join us. You can get the linky here next week, and grab the badge from my sidebar. You can blog about anything you want related to pet cancer: a tribute to a lost pet, personal experiences, tips, research, words of support for a pet that's fighting cancer - whatever you want!

Thanks for letting me be wordy! Hope to see you at the hop next Wednesday! 


  1. Love your little out-take pics!! Yes selfies can be hard... then I got a remote for my camera... much better :) Can't wait to participate in next weeks Hop!

  2. Not only do we not put photos of our human selves on our blog, we don't TAKE any photos of our human selves either. While posing the dogs for fun shots, the occasional nice person will stop and ask if I'd like them to take a photo if all of us, I just laugh and state the obvious about the pets being much more photogenic! :)

  3. Love second last pic! Mine also try to cute their way out of things they're not enjoying - like having toe nails cut! I think they're trying to distract you with all the cuteness so you forget what you're trying to do and it all just ends in love and cuddles!

  4. Love your outtakes! Haven't tried any selfies... I have enough throw away photos ;-) Looking forward to the hop and love the badge!

  5. LOL the out-takes. We don't do selfies but yours are fun. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Well, I've taken a few selfies with Bunny, but they involve the real camera, a tripod and a remote button! :P I think your pictures together turned out really cute!

  7. Nice pictures. Best of luck with the new hop!

  8. One red leaf, really? LOL. I like the new blog hop logo, very cute.

  9. Love the second last pic too. Great close up there.

  10. I've never done a selfie with the dogs. I hate seeing myself in photos!

  11. Oops, hit Publish too soon. I want to join your blog hop with a story. Please remind us early next week so my p-brain doesn't forget.

  12. Rita looks so worried in all the outtakes, like she is afraid to be really good at posing because she might end up as a fashion model.

  13. Love the photos of Rita rubbing her head against you. Clearly she adores you! And I had to laugh at the So Cal fall colors. Kinda like here in central Texas, you have to look for them. Actually around Thanksgiving here we do get some fall color in a few trees, but it is nothing...nothing...like states farther north.

    Have a fun and safe Halloween!

  14. All of those pics r darling
    Urban hounds

  15. I LOVE the selfie outtakes. I've tried it with Jack, but his head is too big! Being just north of LA, I know what you mean about fall...I few leaves here and there, doesn't really count does it. Oh well - but it was COLD this morning 46 up here! Looking forward to the Hop - name is great - we will be there.

  16. Haven't tried selfies, but those are super cute...love Rita's eyes in that second set!

  17. I love the badge, and am looking forward to the hop. I maybe better stock up on Kleenex ahead of time though. :)
    If I did try selfies with the dogs, I imagine it would go just...like...that! I love the outtakes. Actually I don't get cooperation when taking any photos, so maybe I'll give the selfies a try. It probably can't get any worse, other than the fact that I'll be in the photos! lol

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE the name of your hop! Glad you went with that, cancer sucks and the furry friends need to give it the big middle finger of their paw. Norman would be holding up 4 middle fingers on his paws. Will be joining you. Thank you for the hop. Great outtakes!

  19. I love your outtakes! My favorite is where Rita is wearing the hat! XD I've felt like that soo many times, it can be hard to get your pet to cooperate for those darn selfies :) Also, I love your blog hop idea. We lost our golden retriever to what the vets believed was cancer. I will certainly take part in your hop.

  20. Selfies with a dog are so hard and I feel your pain!

  21. oh, the selfie outtakes. yes, we are no stranger there. i am so thankful that we no longer use film. the digital delete button is my best friend :)
    i love the pictures where rita is getting lovey-dovey with you. those are the best.
    BOL, your image of So Cal fall cracked me up.
    good luck with the new hop. canine cancer is still a sensitive subject to me but i'll try to contribute.
    wags, bailey unleashed

  22. i think everyone has a lot of out takes of their furry family member(s). i started clicking in 3's to get the ONE. and still miss sometimes. love the new cancer blog hop. i think there should be more preventative info shared. everything we do seems to be a 'fight' or a 'war' on this and that. love the san diego fall, too. :) i saw a bunch of red leaves the other day and i got so excited.

  23. Hi Jackie

    I enjoyed your selfies, looks like Rita really got into it in the end! :) My Mum hasn't tried in a while, cos it's so hard, hopefully you won't give her any ideas :)

    I'm looking forward to your blog hop and reading all the posts, like dogwalker8 said I hope someone posts about possible prevention too :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  24. Love the selfie outtakes! So cute! Love when Rita decides to smush all over you. :)
    No, we don't take any selfies with the humans around here. Hubs and I both have a strong aversion to cameras.
    Love that you guys decided on Give Cancer the Paw for the blog hop... I look forward to the posts, although like Jan said, maybe better stock up on Kleenex.

  25. I have not yet braved the world of selfies with either one of my pups. I imagine the bloopers would be hilarious.

    Great name for the blog hop, I look forward to it.

  26. Your "selfies" came out great! I've never managed to capture a decent selfie. It is really hard to try to keep Wrigs in position while holding the camera in front of us. Love the idea of your blog hop. I've had too many dogs with cancer. I'll have to think about this a bit and decide if there's anything I'd want to share on this subject.

    Susan and Wrigs


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