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September 12, 2017

HOT Dog & the #RememberTheRescue Contest!

It's been pretty hot here - the temps aren't that bad here at the coast, but it's been unusually muggy.

Rita's not a fan of overly hot weather so we got her a little pool this summer. As I've mentioned here before, she hates to swim, but loves to dunk!

August 8, 2017

Don't Forget: "Remember Me Thursday" Is Coming Soon!

It's almost time again for Remember Me Thursday, taking place this year on September 28. Mark your calendars!
My new Remember Me Thursday T-shirt
Remember Me Thursday® is a global awareness campaign whereby individuals and pet adoption organizations worldwide will become an "integrated voice for orphan pets to live in forever homes, not die waiting for them."

September 6, 2016

Don't Forget: Remember Me Thursday® on 9/22

According to the The Humane Society, only 30% of pets in US households come from rescue facilities. And there are huge numbers of pets out there just waiting for their forever home. That's why Helen Woodward Animal Center (where I volunteer every Monday) started Remember Me Thursday®, which takes place this year on September 22.

Remember Me Thursday® is a global awareness campaign advocating for orphan pets to live in forever homes, not die waiting for them. The goal is to "shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues right now."

March 24, 2015

Less Wordy Wednesday: An Update on Adorable Adoptable Pups

Ages ago (siriusly... ages - it was way back last June...), I posted 2 pics of buddies Gus and Ricky, who were up for adoption at Helen Woodward Animal Center where I volunteer. I asked you guys to come up with captions and (some of) you guys came through! 
From Amy at Terra Toby: Bus: "Right here?"
Ricky: "A little lower…to the left…ahhh right there!"

November 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Something Lovely with Something Icky

Do you ever wonder how your beautiful pups can stand to put some of the grossest things in their mouths??

This lovely girl is up for adoption at Helen Woodward Animal Center where I volunteer each week. There were plenty of nice, clean tennis balls to play with, but of course she wanted to play with the icky, muddy one! (Thank you to the genius who invented the ChuckIt! I never had to actually touch the thing!)

October 21, 2014

Less Wordy Wednesday: Caption This Goofy Pic

I snapped this goofy pic the other day at Helen Woodward, where I volunteer, when 2 of my fave pups were playing under my legs. Wanna try and caption it?

I'm going with: "I dub thee Sir EatsALot!"

July 8, 2014

Wordless Wed.: Caption These Cute Rescue Pups II

Today it's more pics of cute rescue pups playing at Helen Woodward, the shelter where I volunteer. The little one is Charlie, the big one is Sparkles

I just love Sparkles. She's so cute! (Even if she is making a demon-dog face here. She really wanted Charlie to play!)

Wanna try and caption these pups? Here's mine. (It's wordy...)
"Sparkles, what big eyes you have!" "The better to see you with, Charlie!" "And what big teeth you h..."

January 14, 2014

Blog the Change for Animals: Take a Chance on the Best Friend You'll Ever Have!

The shelter where I volunteer, Helen Woodward Animal Center, has a pretty good turnover rate for the dogs. But, once in a while, we'll get a dog or two that are there for months on end. I know those dogs gets lots of good care and loving from the staff and all of us volunteers... but still... it would be nice if someone would take a chance on them. 

So today, for Blog the Change for Animals, in honor of one of the dogs that's been at Helen Woodward for a while now, Lilo, -- as well as all the shelter pups out there -- I present: "Take a Chance on Me," with lyrics appropriate for a pup waiting for their furever buddy, set to the tune of Abba's classic hit:

March 4, 2013

Monday Mischief: Such a Great Helper

I posted before about how "helpful" Rita is with projects around the house. This past week was no different, when I was doing some spring cleaning on our patio chairs. I laid the chair cushions out in a row so I could give them a quick scrubbing, and guess who immediately popped over to "help":
"Thanks, Momma! This is comfy."

January 15, 2013

Blog the Change for Animals: Shelters Aren't Sad!

It's January 15, so that means it's Blog the Change for Animals day, when pet-bloggers support helping animals on the 15th of January, April, July and October.

Blog the Change

November 23, 2012

Sandy Dogs

No, I'm not writing about Rita after she comes home from the beach (although I could probably enter a sand castle competition with the amount of sand she brings home from Fiesta Island). Instead, I'm talking about Hurricane Sandy. Helen Woodward Animal Center (where I volunteer) got 45 cats and dogs this past weekend from shelters affected by Hurricane Sandy. Forty-five!

You can read more about it here, but basically each of the pets that arrived was already up for adoption before the storm hit. However, there were so many displaced pets after the storm, that the shelters didn't have room for the adoptable dogs/cats anymore and needed help.

HWAC, Southwest Airlines, SeaWorld, Delaware County SPCA and Save-a-Pet all worked together to fly the dogs and cats out to San Diego. Here's a super-sweet little video:

If this video doesn't warm the cockles of your heart, then your cockles need some serious thawing. I'd suggest putting them in the microwave on auto-defrost and just leave them in there for as long as it takes.

A lot of the pups weren't ready to be adopted yet when I was there on Monday for my usual shift, so I didn't meet any of the dogs in the video but I did meet some other real sweethearts!

In other Helen Woodward-related news, remember the other day when I posted this picture of the gorgeous but somewhat, um, crazed looking pup that I was in love with...
...well, when I went up on Monday, he was already gone! Hopefully he's being spoiled rotten in his new furever home even as you read this. Hopefully all the "Sandy" dogs and cats will soon find their furever homes as well.

A Special Shout-out for Tripawd Warrior Princesses
The day after Thanksgiving will probably always make me think of our beautiful Abby. We brought her home from HWAC on 11/27/09, the day after Thanksgiving. We are very thankful that we got to have that special girl in our lives, even if for way too short of a time.

Sadly, this week, the last of the original Tripawd Warrior Princesses that I dedicated the drawing below to earned her wings.
Tripawd Warrior Princesses: Rio, Isabelle and Abby
I like to think our special girls are all together now, with their capes and their wings. Goodbye sweet Isabelle. You were truly an inspiration, surviving Hurricane Katrina and two kinds of cancer. Run pain free and say hi to my Abby!

I hope everyone here in the States had a lovely Thanksgiving!

November 16, 2012

Maybe She Needs a Sibling

I was actually going to write this post with just a quick update on our yard work, but then I looked at his picture again:
"Why won't you play with me??"

November 13, 2012

Be the Change - Shelter Drive By!

Today I've got a very Hellen-Woodward-centric post.

Dr V. (not our Dr. V, whom you might remember from Abby's oncology visits, but a different Dr. V.) of has teamed up with BlogPaws and the folks at Iams (with their annual "Home 4 the Holidays" campaign) to highlight National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.

Dr. V. asked that bloggers do a "drive-by" of a local Home 4 The Holidays shelter or rescue and drop off a donation. She said it could be something "as simple as bringing them an old towel from your closet or as complicated as you wish. I like simple. Simple is good and repeatable and easy and is what I will be doing."

So, I did something simple. I gathered up a small bag of some sheets and towels we no longer needed. I also checked Helen Woodward Animal Center's "wish list" page. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know I volunteer at HWAC. They actually started the Home 4 the Holidays campaign. In fact, a certain little girl we know and love was adopted during that campaign:
How could we resist bringing this face home with us?? (Miss that girl...)

September 21, 2012

Human Shaming: It's the Dogs' Turn

Have you heard of the popular Dog Shaming site? If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, there's a pretty funny video/report about it from CNN here. (Of course, given the opening lines of What the Dog Ate, wherein the main character, Maggie, finds out her dog has eaten her hubby's mistress's panties, this sentence from the report was the one that really caught my eye: "...underwear eating seems to be one of the most common misbehaviors.")

Anyway, the folks at Kol's Notes and My Brown Newfies thought it would be fun to let the dogs have a turn shaming their humans, so they declared today:

July 23, 2012

Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue: How You Can Help

As I said last week, today is a special global event: Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue to bring attention to the importance of dog adoption and related issues. The event is being sponsored by Blog the Change for Animals (, Blog Catalog, and Dog Rescue Success.

For my part, I thought I'd bring attention to dog adoption issues by writing about the Helen Woodward Animal Center where I've been volunteering for about 6 or 7 years now. At the end of the post, I'll also list some ways you can help too! There's even a super easy-peasy one!