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September 25, 2013

Human Shaming: Rita's Revenge

Rita here! I want to start by thanking Kol’s Notes or My Brown Newfies for giving me a chance to turn the tables on my Momma. She embarrasses me all the time online, so it's good to get a chance for payback. You know what they say about Payback - she's a bitch, just like me! (Payback is a weird name for a girl dog...)

September 21, 2012

Human Shaming: It's the Dogs' Turn

Have you heard of the popular Dog Shaming site? If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, there's a pretty funny video/report about it from CNN here. (Of course, given the opening lines of What the Dog Ate, wherein the main character, Maggie, finds out her dog has eaten her hubby's mistress's panties, this sentence from the report was the one that really caught my eye: "...underwear eating seems to be one of the most common misbehaviors.")

Anyway, the folks at Kol's Notes and My Brown Newfies thought it would be fun to let the dogs have a turn shaming their humans, so they declared today: