March 4, 2013

Monday Mischief: Such a Great Helper

I posted before about how "helpful" Rita is with projects around the house. This past week was no different, when I was doing some spring cleaning on our patio chairs. I laid the chair cushions out in a row so I could give them a quick scrubbing, and guess who immediately popped over to "help":
"Thanks, Momma! This is comfy."

"Oh, am I in your way?"
"I think you missed a spot right here..."
Thanks for helping out, Rita!

In Other News - Can You Do an Easy-Peasy Voting Thingy?
I entered a slogan in the BlanketID "Significant Others" contest to chose a slogan for their new line of pet ID tags. The idea was to suggest slogans that are "little messages that are reflections of your furry ‘Significant Others’ feelings and what they might whisper in your ear if they could."

I entered the slogan: Love makes the tail go 'round. And I made it into the finals! Whoohoo. There were 100's of entries and they selected 10. Now is the exciting part - I have a chance to help earn some extra $$ for my chosen rescue - which would be Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Here's how it works: you can vote by clicking here to visit their blog and simply leave a comment that says "#9" or you can also visit their Facebook page or email with your vote. Voting ends today, Monday at midnight.
The winning message will become part of the ‘Significant Others’ line and $3.00 from every sale of the winning tag will go to the winner's rescue of choice. Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for voting for #9!


  1. Isn't it great the way that dogs love to help with projects around the house?!

    I'm going to vote!

  2. Going to vote, and Torrey "helps" just like that.

  3. I just voted. And I think you're entry is really clever.

    Honey likes to help too. Especially when I've just swept a pile of dirt into the corner of the kitchen. Of course, she really helps by giving me something to clean up.

  4. Oo! Oo! Imma hafta vote! What fun!

    Tell Rita she's not helping.

  5. Dogs must think they are actually helpful in doing cleaning and gardening. Off to vote for your good causes.

  6. I just voted. Great caption, and congratulations! Good luck!!

  7. That a common feline behaviour around here! My cats are like Visa cards - everywhere I want to be! :)

  8. Cleaning the cushions is far more fun with assistance! Happy Monday!

  9. I just voted for you!!!!!!!

    BTW are you sure Rita isn't part CAT? That is like something a cat would do!

  10. Who wouldn't want to enjoy those comfy looking cushions.

    the brown dawgs

  11. So sorry, I missed seeing this and voting on time :(

  12. When I used to bring the dogs beds out for a cleaning, Sydney would quickly jump on her bed and lie down; even as I'm dragging it to the laundry room. Now, when I'm folding towels and blankets, Blue jumps in the middle, lays down, and gives me the puppy eyes. It takes forever to fold laundry in our house, especially when a cute dirty dogs curls up in it.

  13. Pop over today. Rita would love a chance to win a bone or jerky, I'm sure. ;)

  14. Thanks to everyone for voting. I don't think we are going to win though - last time I looked, #10 had a LOTTA votes. (On the plus side, it was a pretty cute slogan: "We rescued each other.")

  15. Woof! Woof! Thought of you today as in our favorite morning radio they mentioned that San Diego is the best place to live all year round. woof! woof! to Rita. Maybe will visit you guys, mom loves San Diego. Happy Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. That's a great slogan - I'm gonna vote for sure!

    Love that you're so helpful to your Mum, I'm sure she appreciates it buddy! :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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