September 21, 2012

Human Shaming: It's the Dogs' Turn

Have you heard of the popular Dog Shaming site? If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, there's a pretty funny video/report about it from CNN here. (Of course, given the opening lines of What the Dog Ate, wherein the main character, Maggie, finds out her dog has eaten her hubby's mistress's panties, this sentence from the report was the one that really caught my eye: "...underwear eating seems to be one of the most common misbehaviors.")

Anyway, the folks at Kol's Notes and My Brown Newfies thought it would be fun to let the dogs have a turn shaming their humans, so they declared today:

Without further ado, here's how Rita would like to shame me:
"Every Monday I come home smelling like a million other dogs."
I had to black my face out cuz it's soooo shameful. I get a very serious sniffing every Monday. I try taking my clothes off in the garage and come in in my underwear - but it doesn't help. (Now that would truly be the pic to be shamed with! Luckily there's no photographic evidence of it! PHEW!!! )

Also lucky for me, even though the girl has some serious dirt on me and knows all my bad habits - this is the one she thinks is the worst. (I mean, look at her face in that photo! So disappointed with me.) 

What would your dog call you out on??


  1. I get the third degree when I come home smelling like other dogs too.

    Her face is priceless in that photo, just fits the picture perfectly!

  2. HA - another really good one! Happy shaming...

  3. You are a dog hussy! OMwoffing DOG! what's wrong with you hoomans, do get loyalty at all????

  4. you go to the shelter on Mondays? My peoples do that to, (but not nearly as often as once a week), but they get changed in the basement before coming inside. (They keep fresh clothes so they don't has to walks around nakey.)

    Anyway, they say it is so they don't bring in germs, but I know it's cause they don't want me to know they was walking "other" dogs - when they should've been walking ME.

  5. Yep - I go to Helen Woodward Animal Center every Monday. And I also get undressed in the garage because of the potential germs - but I never remember to put fresh clothes in there! Luckily there are no windows from the garage to the hallway to the dresser in the bedroom!

  6. Is there anything worse than when a human cheats on you with other dogs? Tsk tsk! ;)

  7. OMG Rita! That is just horrible! I am so glad you were able to shame your human with that shameful thing! The shame is all over her face!

    Thanks for joining in the fun today!

  8. That's pawesome of you to go every week!

    When my peoples manage to get their lazy butts to the shelter, they HAVE to leave clothes downstairs --- our basement is outside entrance only.

    What would the neighbors think??? :-)

  9. My mom used to do that too...visit other cats on the weekend, then strip naked in the laundry room before coming into the house. But we knew she cheated on us. We're glad your mom cheats on you because we know she's helping less fortunate animals. Shame her just a little!

  10. Ha!!!! that was a good one!

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. Her face is absolutely priceless, the perfect photo!! :-D Nice shaming!

  12. Rita,

    I think she knows she's busted, there's no mistaking your look on your face buddy!! My Mum does that kinda thing to me too - what a nerve, hey?! She doesn't try the taking her clothes off thing though, like I wouldn't smell the Dogs anyway?!

    Sometimes, she tells me to wait there and comes back a little while later smelling of Cosmo my buddy next door, like she thinks I don't know she's been to pet him instead of me!! Outrageous!! :)

    I give her a full sniff over to let her know she's busted, maybe I should put her in the naughty corner? :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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