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June 6, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Should a Mother Read Her Dawgter's Diary?

Yes. She should. And she should share it with everypawdy.

Some (most??) of you have probably already seen this video. If you are like me and on Facebook and mostly have dog-crazy friends there, then you will have definitely seen it. But, I know I have some blog readers who aren't on Facebook, so for that lone person's their benefit I share with you now - Sad Dog Diary. (Note - these are not sad. Does this seem like the kind of blog that would share a sad video?? Angel dog videos notwithstanding...)

As I mentioned, I first saw this on Facebook, but I also saw it on one of my fave blogs - I Still Want More Puppies, wherein we were asked to ponder what our dog's diary entry would be.

May 30, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: A Bedtime Ritual

Rita makes us laugh (or at least smile) many times a day. One of the things she does is so darn cute and funny that I've been trying for ages to catch it on video.

I've blogged before about our sleeping arrangements - she's welcome to sleep with us but sometimes goes to her own bed for a while first. (Maybe because she fell off of ours before...) 

Almost every night when she goes to her own comfy little bed, she goes through this very energetic ritual of rearranging her blankie. It's like she has to have it just so or she can't sleep - although it usually just goes from one crumpled blob to another.

I've been trying to capture this on video for months (after all, we've had her almost 18 months now!), with no success. She really goes to town rearranging that stupid blankie when my camera is nowhere in sight. But whip out the camera, and she stops and stares at me like, "What?"

Or she acts like "Nothing to see here."
"Seriously, Momma. I'm not doing anything. Go away with your camera."
I thought I'd almost caught her the other night - but no. I got 7 seconds of this. What a tease.

But, then, finally (!) - success!
I just wish I'd captured the usual grunts and harrumphing that generally accompany this behavior!

Does your pup have a nighttime ritual? 

May 9, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Best Dog Body Part

What's the best part of a dog? Is it his/her tail, since that's how your pup shows love? Is it the nose - so perfect for planting kisses on? While those dog-parts are pretty great, I personally think the best part of a dog is it's ears!

Whether floppy...
Rita enjoying a cinnamon roll treat

May 2, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Bilingual Dogs, er, Chiens

Remember when The Onion "reported" that Kim Jong Un was the Sexiest Man Alive of 2012, and People's Daily Online in China thought it was a real story? Well, something similar has happened only this time it involves dogs, the hub's homeland, and New York magazine.

A Canadian radio show called "This is That" (sort of a Daily Show-type fake news program for radio) aired a bit that was supposed to be an interview with a faux Montreal City Councilor, Benoit LaDouce, who said the "smoked meat city" needs a law requiring dogs using public parks to understand commands in both French and English. (The hubs has long contended that all dogs speak French, so this shouldn't be a problem.)
"Oh yeah... and I even know some sign language! Mon dieu."

April 25, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Opposable Thumbs

Last night the hubs asked me what I thought Rita would do if she had opposable thumbs.** I said we'd probably need to put a lock on both the fridge and pantry doors.

What If My Dog Had Opposable Thumbs?
I decided to Google "what if dogs had opposable thumbs" just to see what would come up, and it turns out there's actually a "What if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs?" Day. It's March 3rd. Unfortunately we forgot to celebrate it this year. It's in its 22nd year! According to the man who started the "holiday," people "aren't supposed to actually do anything on March 3." (Which is good, since I forgot to send out cards and get gifts!) "It's all about contemplation of canine and feline evolution." Since we missed the official "celebration," we'll contemplate it now.

Here are the top 3 things I think Rita would do if she had opposable thumbs:
1. Open the fridge and help herself to the contents of the cheese drawer.

2. Go online and order all the treats she can stuff herself with. (And she'd be able to open the front door when they were delivered.)

"If you loved me, you'd give me your credit card number."

3. Take the car and head down to the beach whenever she felt like it.

Okay, I wanted to put a picture here of Rita in the driver's seat of my car, but she ALWAYS sits in the back, and no amount of treats could convince her to keep her fuzzy butt in the front. She kept leaping into the back. And nobody wants a backseat driver. (She's so funny. We had to fight with Bailey and Abby to keep them OUT of the front!)
What If a Cat Had Opposable Thumbs?
If a cat had opposable thumbs, he'd probably just lie there and do the Roman Emperor "thumbs up/thumbs down" thing whenever you displeased him. "Why did you bring me so few cat treats? Thumbs down!"

And now... here is Jimmy, a cat who can actually do that:

As you can see, no, Jimmy does not want to do it again. And I love how he gives her the "thumbs down" when she says it's time to get up.

What would your pet do if he/she had thumbs? 

** There's a little back story here... One day loooong ago, Mike and I were talking and I said it was a good thing the dog (our beagle, Bailey, at the time) didn't have opposable thumbs. The next day, I heard him talking to Bailey, and he said something to her about not having "disposable thumbs." Yeah, he gets a lotta teasing about that. (In his defense, English is not his first language - although you'd never know it to talk to him since he has no accent - but he still gets a lotta teasing about that.)

April 18, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: The Unbearable Cuteness of Puppy

Mirth Watch Thursday is all about making you smile (and/or laugh) - and what could be more smile-inducing than a NEW PUPPY??? Nothing - that's what. And thus for today's smiles we bring you the newest member of our extended family. Meet my new nephew, Reggie:
Here he is, quickly falling in love with his new Momma.

April 11, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Mistaken Identity

Today, it's time for a pup pop quiz on Pooch Smooches.

I want you to tell me what this is:

You don't even need any help with this do you? You don't need a hint (like "it rhymes with merit") or multiple choice options to narrow it down (like: "a. Seal pup, b. Ferret, c. Toy Poodle, d. Rodent of Unusual Size".)

April 4, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Behind the Limerick

In case you missed the wonderful limerick that Oz the Terrier wrote about Rita, here it is:

There once was a Shepherd named Rita
who was mixed with a Beagle, not an Akita.
She can throw a mean punch
and eats dead gophers for lunch
which she chases with a Peach Margarita.

And if you did see it and wonder why I let my dog drink margaritas... let me 'splain.

First of all, she's actually more of a straight-up-tequila girl:

March 28, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Peeps Show

Peeps. Would it really be Easter without them? No, not to eat - just to mess with. Or microwave. Or decorate with. Or make bunny ears for your dog.

March 21, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Why I Want a Hippo

Remember when I wanted a penguin (that I could get a penguin backpack for and take along to the store)? I said it was one of my all-time favorite videos and that I had one other that I was saving for another time. So, here it is - my other favorite animal video: Jessica the Hippo.

Have you ever seen this? It's about a baby hippo in South Africa that washes up during a flood at this former game ranger's house and how she comes to be a member of the family. The video is short and adorable and talks about how she's lived with him and his wife for 7 years.

February 28, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Your Doggy Doppelganger

Do you have a doggy doppelgänger? Or maybe your dog has one?

I started thinking about doppelgängers the other day when one of my fave blogs, I Still Want More Puppies, posted a link to the "2013 Oscar Nominees and their Animal Doppelgängers". You should really check that link out (I think my fave is Tommy Lee Jones = Grumpy Cat, but there are other funny ones as well.)

Anyway, it reminded me of two things:

1) I once noticed that my friend's angel dog, Max, had a puppy pic that looked exactly like Ron Swanson (a hysterically gruff character on Parks and Rec, played by Nick Offerman). Am I right? Since Ron really likes meat, and Max did too, they were even somewhat of a personality match.

2) There is a web site that lets you find your doggy doppelgänger, appropriately called: Doggelganger. It's from Pedigree and the New Zealand SPCA. The tag line is: "Human to canine pairing software. Your best friend search starts here."

It's fun to play with. You're supposed to be able to add your own image either with your web cam or by loading a picture, but I couldn't get the web came image thing to work. So, I loaded a photo. (They say to load one with a neutral image - but, other than Ron Swanson above, most people smile when you point a camera at them.) Anyway, first I loaded my b&w "author photo" and I got a 62% accuracy match with this adorable 7 mo. old female Mastiff/Greyhound mix.

I also tried a color photo - but I guess I look a lot older in this picture since I got a 67% accuracy match with this sweet 12-yr-old Fox Terrier mix: (at least she's a fox....)

I do have the same worry wrinkles as both of these girls, so I think they did a pretty good job. It's a fun thing to play with - so hopefully the NZ SPCA is getting a lot of local folks on the site who then find their new best look alike friend!

I also looked up doppelgänger for this post - I thought it just meant "a look alike", but the actual definition from Miriam Webster is "a ghostly counterpart of a living person". Ghostly... hmm. So Tommy Lee Jones = ghostly Grumpy Cat I guess. 

Anyway, go have some fun and find your doggelganger.

February 21, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: March of the Penguin

You've possibly seen this video before - after all, it's been around a while (and viewed by millions on YouTube), but it's one of my all-time favorite animal videos so I figured I'd share for those who haven't seen it. (I have one other "all-time fave" that I'm saving for another time.)

I give you, Lala, the shopping penguin:

A penguin with a penguin backpack, shopping for fish. I ask you, is that not the cutest thing? Thanks to Morgan Freeman, I know penguins like to march waddle long distances, but who knew they also like to shop? But how does it work... do they put his purchases on his bill? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I would love to have a penguin for a pet that I could send to the store to pick stuff up for me. "Lala, we're out of milk. And get yourself a can of sardines while you're there."

But, honestly, I'm such a worrywart, I'd probably never let him walk to the store by himself. I'd be afraid he'd get run over or penguin-napped. So instead I'd end up driving him there, and then I'd worry about him going in on his own, so I'd go in instead, and he'd just end up sitting in the car running the A/C full blast until I got back. It wouldn't be nearly as cute. I guess it's best that he ended up in a nice town in Japan and not at my house.  

February 14, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: My Furry Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everypawdy! I have to start by saying, I'm not a huge fan of V-Day. I mean, it's cute for the kids and the chocolate tie-in is good, but beyond that I can't get super excited about it. (I'm not much of a romantic in most of the traditional ways - and yes, I was single and bitter and I wore green on V-Day as a protest for many years.)

Now, having gotten that off my chest... Rita - as I mentioned the other day - has a long-distance boyfriend, Rocket, who she's exchanging V-day gifts/cards with. (I know that sounds silly, but you probably noticed, we're big on silly around here.) I wanted to take some special photos of Rita for her b.f., so here are some of the outtakes as well as the ones that went to Rocket:
We tried some "flower behind the ear" shots, but they didn't work...

February 7, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Does Your Pup Want Roadside Assistance?

With it being that huge all-American sporting event this past Sunday that SO many people tuned in to watch, I figured I better do a post about it. That's right - I'm talking about Puppy Bowl. Did you watch?

I confess we watched the Super Bowl (which was finally a good game for once, blackouts not withstanding) and DVR'd the Puppy Bowl. Although I have to give it to the Super Bowl for being a little more exciting in the 4th quarter, I preferred the Puppy Bowl MVP:

January 31, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: What Dog Are You?

Today's post is not so much "mirthful" as just plain fun. has posted a quiz where you can find out What Dog Breed Are You? Just click on the link and go through the 10 or so questions. (Note that they do ask for your email at the end, but swear they won't give it out. I have an email I use for this sorta thing...)

Some of the questions, at least in my twisted mind, don't have exactly the right answer option available, but just pick the closest one. I was surprised how accurate this test seemed to be!

For example, here's are a couple of the questions:

It's finally Friday after a long, hard week of work. Time for Yappy Hour with friends. Your order is:

My answer would really be a margarita, which is close but at the same time very different from a shot of tequila (!), so I went with a cosmo. The "pretty and pink" part worried me. I figured they'd decide I was a white fluffy purse-dog with a big pink bow. (Not that there's anything wrong with that... That's just not me.)

Here's another:

You're invited to a Howloween party, costume required. You:

I would never pull an all-nighter. I'm way too organized for that. (I thought my organizational skills would mean I would end up being a Border Collie.) I chose the 2nd option, because I would make my costume - and it would be a masterpiece, IIDSSM. I would make it weeks in advance though. And then, the night of the party, I'd realize I'd rather stay home in my PJs and come down with a "headache" and be unable to attend.

If you are fairly anti-social, like me, you might find several of the questions don't have exactly the answer option you're looking for - but just go with the closest.

Okay - so, here's me:
What dog breed are you? I'm a German Shepherd! Find out at

I never would have thought "German Shepherd" for me. I think of them as very self-assured and fairly bad-assed. (Things I am not...) And the "likely professions" they list couldn't be further from my sit-in-front-of-a-computer-all-day ways, BUT... here is the description they give of a German Shepherd-type (emphasis is theirs):

German Shepherd

The Perfectionist
Doggedly dedicated to getting the job done, you don't let silly little distractions get in the way of putting in a full day's work. And after you come home, chowing down on a little grub and taking a little catnap is all it takes to get you up and at 'em for round two, whatever that may entail. Your dogma emphasizes the importance of hard work, and you swim laps around your dog-paddling, time-wasting co-workers. Your cleverness leads to you often being entrusted with some pretty important tasks, which you are always more than happy to sink your canines into. You really dig being outdoors and love a bit of exercise, but you draw the line at the ridiculous stuff, choosing a game of beach volleyball over Pilates in the park any day.

Wow, yes. That's me for sure. I'm a total perfectionist and I do work hard and dig being outdoors. And have never done Pilates (although I'd chose a hike, not beach volleyball).

And this part: you swim laps around your dog-paddling, time-wasting co-workers really kills me. I don't want to slag off my former co-workers, but, just as an example, when I had a "real office job" my Indian name was: Works With Idiots. (The hub's was Swims With Squids. But that's another story...)

Since Rita is part German Shepherd, I guess that's why we get along so well!

Anyway - take the test! Let me know what you are!

January 17, 2013

Mirth-Watch Thursday: Silly Walks

While pondering silliness to post today, I thought about Monty Python's Flying Circus. To me, they will always be the epitome of silly. One of my favorite sketches is the "Ministry of Silly Walks." If you've never seen it, you can watch a shortened version of it here (it hits all the highlights). (And I just have to pause here and say, oh, how I love John Cleese. I had a pretty bad crush on him when I was about 10. Is that odd?)

Anyway, thinking about that reminded me of one time when the hubs and I were in his homeland of Montreal, Canada in the winter. (Okay, it was the only time we were there in winter. As a So Cal girl, once in winter was kinda enough for me. We usually go in the fall now!) As we drove down the street, a woman was walking her Chihuahua, who was obviously not digging his winter boots. He was doing a really good John Cleese Ministry of Silly Walks imitation. This was long before everyone started carrying the potential for photos/videos around in their pockets, so I don't have a video to share, but this one captures the spirit of it:

December 27, 2012

I Dreamed A (Stupid) Dream

I had the stupidest dream last night.

I dreamt that I had this brilliant idea for today's Mirth Watch Thursday post. It was going to be all about these semaphore-like poses that Rita sleeps in that signal different messages - like laying (lying?) a certain way meant "send treats," and how I was going to do drawings to represent each one. (Actually, almost all of them ended up meaning some variation of "send treats." Although one was the symbol for pi: π - just to show that she's smart.)

In my dream, it was all hysterically funny to me. I woke up thinking, "Awesome. I've got today's post all written! All I have to do is whip up some drawings." Then I thought it through and realized it was absurd. (Who would even see these signals, I ask??) Sigh. Had to come up with something else to post.

So, I thought I'd roll out one of me and the hub's favorite commericials from a few years back. We still quote the final line sometimes after a walk. It's got a cute dog, outrageous Scottish accents and it's about cheese. What more could you want? Here it is:

December 20, 2012

Have You Seen This Man?

I've decided to start a new thing that I'm going to call Mirth Watch Thursday. It'll be a little silliness from me or from somewhere else on the web to (hopefully) make you smile and/or laugh each Thursday as we round the bend toward the weekend.

So, to kick off Mirth Watch Thursdays, I give you: A composite sketch of Rita's fears:
Have you seen this man? He may be armed and is considered dangerous. (At least, by my dog.)