January 17, 2013

Mirth-Watch Thursday: Silly Walks

While pondering silliness to post today, I thought about Monty Python's Flying Circus. To me, they will always be the epitome of silly. One of my favorite sketches is the "Ministry of Silly Walks." If you've never seen it, you can watch a shortened version of it here (it hits all the highlights). (And I just have to pause here and say, oh, how I love John Cleese. I had a pretty bad crush on him when I was about 10. Is that odd?)

Anyway, thinking about that reminded me of one time when the hubs and I were in his homeland of Montreal, Canada in the winter. (Okay, it was the only time we were there in winter. As a So Cal girl, once in winter was kinda enough for me. We usually go in the fall now!) As we drove down the street, a woman was walking her Chihuahua, who was obviously not digging his winter boots. He was doing a really good John Cleese Ministry of Silly Walks imitation. This was long before everyone started carrying the potential for photos/videos around in their pockets, so I don't have a video to share, but this one captures the spirit of it:

Or this is pretty cute too:
The look he gives her before succumbing and flailing over for the cookie is priceless. 

So cute to watch a pup prance around trying to get used to his/her new boots.You could go on all day watching these on YouTube. (I mean, if you had a lot of time on your hands...) But whatever you do: don't read the comments. Lotta stupid people out there who seem to think these snow-booted pups are being tortured. Nope, just loving parents trying to save their pups' paws from the snow, ice and salt. (Oy. People.) 

Luckily we live in a warm climate, so haven't had to put boots on our girls. (Or deal with people who think we might be torturing them.)

How about you? Do you have to put boots on your pups? Did they do the high-stepping kicks and Ministry of Silly Walks moves before they finally got used to them?

One more quick thing...
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  1. Funny! I had a cat who had a very funny snow-walk. I try to out booties on my dog , but by the time I get the second one off, he's eating the first one! :)

    1. I never thought of a cat having a silly walk! They're always so graceful and calm and cool!

  2. I don't have a dog, but when we lived in a condo, one the neighbors had a dog who always wore boots when they went out for a walk. We live in Florida, so no snow. The neighbor told me she put boots on her dog because the dog was always stepping on someone's discarded gum on the sidewalks and then tracking it into her house. I think that's a better reason than snow!

    1. Wow, her dog must have been stepping in a lot of gum!

  3. Love it. I put shoes on one of my Poodles (the wimpy one, not the alpha) and that's what he looked like. I've never seen a trace of either one since then.

  4. OMG i used to LOVE the Monty Python silly walk!

  5. One of my favorite Monty Python sketches ever! And the funny thing is I was practicing my funny walks just the other day (while walking Honey).

    Luckily Honey has such fuzzy paws she doesn't need boots.

  6. I have seen these high-stepping walks before. Daisy is extremely sensitive to cold weather so I have tried all sorts of booties for her. The ones that she likes the best and do not lead to the high-stepping walk are the PAWZ brand. They look like colorful balloons made out of runner and when you put them on they form to the dog's foot. Daisy doesn't mind them in the least and I feel better knowing her feet are protected. No funny walks for my girl! :)

    BTW - It is currently -10 degrees out with a -20 to -30 windchill. This is definitely cold!


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