February 7, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Does Your Pup Want Roadside Assistance?

With it being that huge all-American sporting event this past Sunday that SO many people tuned in to watch, I figured I better do a post about it. That's right - I'm talking about Puppy Bowl. Did you watch?

I confess we watched the Super Bowl (which was finally a good game for once, blackouts not withstanding) and DVR'd the Puppy Bowl. Although I have to give it to the Super Bowl for being a little more exciting in the 4th quarter, I preferred the Puppy Bowl MVP:

This little "Schneagle", Marta, (a Schnauzer/Beagle mix, from the adoption organization AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport - the same mix as Rita's boyfriend, Rocket!) is way cuter than whoever was the Super Bowl MVP. (I don't even know...)

I also preferred the Puppy Bowl commercials. (The Super Bowl commercials were, on the whole, lame - with the exception of the Clydesdale commercial which left the residents of our sofa a weepy mess.) I'm not sure if I'll ever actually buy a Subaru just because of their "Dog Tested" commercials, but they definitely will make me think about it. This commercial was my favorite:

Love the part where they veer off into the park to chase the squirrel! And now, for a little extra added fun, some outtakes from last year's batch of Subaru's Dog Tested commercials:

That little tri-colored dog jumping out of her boots is too cute. 

So, if your dog picked the family car, what would be the number one feature he/she would look for?
1. Back up camera (for tracking the mailman's every move)
2. GPS (Gopher Positioning System) - this is the one Rita would want.
3. Extra cup holders (they make excellent treat holders)
4. Moon roof (for howling, 'natch.)
5. Roadside Assistance (because there is no Poop Fairy; that kind of assistance)
6. Seat warmers (or is that just for cats?)
7. Other?

Happy Mirth Watch Thursday!


  1. I did not watch a bit of the Super Bowl and watched a good bit of the puppy bowl (what was up with those hamsters in tutus?). I also love the Subaru commercials, though don't know if I'd buy one. But Dog Tested. Dog Approved. beats Love. It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru. as a slogan.

  2. We only watched a few minutes of the Puppy Bowl. Jimmy gets way too excited when he sees dogs on TV and the Puppy Bowl sent him into immediate overload!

  3. My dogs would want a car that wouldn't start unless there were four dogs inside.

  4. My dog would want a self-driving car with room for the whole family, factory-equipped with a blanket for snuggling, supper and water dishes and treat holders that automatically refill (ala Jetsons) and woof-activated stereo, doors, climate control and OnStar.

  5. Hmmm... Bella would like to vote for a car that she doesn't get carsick in. Can that be an option?


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