January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Do You Mind?

... your pet's waistline?

Today I'm attempting something different. I'm not sure this feat is allowed under the Bloggers' Rule Book section 2.III.iv subpart D regarding blog hops, but I'm going to try to hop into two hops at one time. (Drum roll please...Hope i don't break something...)

Of course, today is the usual Wordless (um, slightly less wordy??) Wednesday, and since that's so popular (pupular?), I thought it'd be a great time to let all those hoppers know about the Show Off Your Dog's Waistline Campaign, brought to us by Dawg Business.

We've all heard the phrase "a waist is a terrible thing to mind" -- especially at this time post-holiday time of year. But, for your pup, if you don't mind their waist, who will? (Unfortunately, we also have to mind their waste... but that's another blog post.) The goal of the campaign is to bring awareness to pet obesity, which, just like with people, is a big-assed problem.

So, here's Rita's waistline:
"Why are you taking this silly picture, Momma?"

According to the chart Dawg Business posted on their campaign page, there should be a "slight waist" when viewed from above to be rated "ideal". I'm thinking she looks pretty ideal to me.

How Does Rita Stay in Shape? 
It's a regimen of juice-fasting, pilates and a rubber sweat-suit we put her in.

Okay, no not really. It's the same ol' thing that has helped people stay in shape for ages: calories in, calories out.

Yes, she gets a lot of treats: a treat when she's good on-leash while other dogs walk by, a treat when she comes when I call her at the off-leash park, an end-of-walk treat (yes, that's a thing), a dessert-time treat, a bedtime treat. I know that sounds like TONS. But a lot of what she gets are low-calorie (check out Honest Kitchen or Fruitables for good options) or she gets very small pieces.

Okay, the "calories in" part your pet can do, right!? But you have to balance it with the "calories out." Rita goes for at least a 45 minute walk every day, and usually longer since at least 3 or 4 times a week, we go for over an hour. And on our beach days, she runs like a maniac and plays while I walk. Usually we top off an evening with another 20 minute walk or at least some play time in the house.

If you want more workout plus bonus beauty tips, here's what our angel pup, Abby (a super model dog if ever there was one!) had to say on the subject last year. And for even more serious tips, check out my friend Peggy Frezon's book Dieting With My Dog.

Sorry this is so wordy on Wordless Wednesday, but I wanted to share the Show Your Dog's Waistline Campaign to try to help get as many pups healthy as possible! Thanks BlogPaws and Dawg Business!

So, how about your pup? How does he/she stay in shape? 


  1. Ahhh...the tricky nested blog hops!

    My dogs and I are exercise buddies. We stay in shape by logging many miles of walking each week, usually 20 or more. And of course the boys play tag with each other in the yard, and fetch with me, and Jimmy has agility class. I definitely credit my dogs as the reason I am still reasonably thin post-menopause (or is that menopaws :-) )

  2. Very nice! Who cares if it violates section subpart whatever. Great campaign.

  3. Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks for sharing ... we plan to join sometime it is a great topic to talk about and the hop is open for the year.
    I'm my mom's workout buddy. It's FUN! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Nice waistline...as soon as I can get a good photo of Gizmo we'll be adding his to the hop...and we went over to read Abby's physical fitness post...she did have some great workout tips :)

  5. Rita has a gorgeous waistline!!!

  6. Yep calories in, calories out. Lots of walking.

  7. Nice waistline, Rita! I need to take pix of Jeffie and Rudy. Rosie is so young, she's pretty roly poly ;-)

  8. Two blog hops at the same time? You rebel!


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