January 21, 2013

Monday Mischief: 'Bout Time!

It's been really cold here lately in San Diego. Which is a relative thing, of course.

After all, a cold day here looks a lot like this:

Look how bundled up we are!
While a cold day in other parts of the country looks a lot more like this:
Just another January day in Chicago...
We are cold weather wimps, so we were getting kind of tired of it being so darn chilly and very excited to finally have the warm weather back.

It was about time we had some of our usual lovely January weather.
Perfect for a long walk at Fiesta Island!
This post is also "about time" (as in the passage of time) because it's been a year as of today since we adopted Rita! Yes, that's right - it's Rita's Gotcha Day! (The picture up top of us "bundled" against the cold is from last January on our first trip to Fiesta Island with Rita.)

We celebrated with lots of romping at Fiesta Island:
Perfect weather for romping in the bay...
...and romping with new friends.
 A nap:
"I don't always sleep in the bed, but when I do, I prefer to take up a lotta room."
And a Flying Dutchman!
A perfect day!
It was a good day!
Happy Gotcha Day Rita!

Okay, so really the only mischief here is me rubbing it in about the lovely weather. Heehee! Supposed to be high 70s this week. T-shirt weather. :)

Happy Monday Mischief!


  1. Bunny Rita, my beautiful darling girlfriend -

    Today marks one year from the best day of my life (next to me getting my mommy and daddy)!

    The first moment I saw your lovely face with your new momma and daddy, I knew I was in love!

    It was kismet that we would both be so in love with each other! (you are in love with me, right?)

    Happy Adoptaversary Day, my dearest!

    -Your monkey boyfriend - Rocket

    P.S. Google spellcheck doesn't work here, so I hope I spelled it all correctly. I don't want you to think I am a moron boyfriend.

    1. Yes, my monkey bunny love - I'm so happy my parents gotcha'd me so you and I could "meet" and fall in love! And I think you are not only adorable and oh-so-bouncy, but brilliant too!
      Bunny Rita

  2. congrats miss rita!!!!

    from the ET syndicate

  3. Happy Gotcha Day! It's a lovely 36 here right now. And sunny! And Wednesday, in bipolar Tulsa, the high will be 63. WTH?!

  4. Happy Adoptaversary, Rita from the Midwest syndicate where the high is 10 degrees with wind chills of -5 (and Buster doesn't want to come inside- crazy dog!).

  5. Happy adoptaversary (AKA winning the dog lotto day), Rita!

    1. Yes, we think she won the doggy lotto. (Her foster mom though might argue the point... )

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Rita!!!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. T-shirt, shorts and sandals weather here too :) Happy Gotcha Day Rita! Looks like you had all any dawg could ask for

    1. Hooray for t-shirt weather! Nice to live on the coast!

  8. Happpy Gotcha day Miss Rita. How wonderful for you..... 12 months of luxury living!

    FYI, I'm enjoying a balmy 90 degrees today :)

    Your friend,
    Miss Ruby

  9. Happy Gotcha Day Rita! It looks like you had a really fun day!

  10. Hi Rita - Happy Gotcha Day!!

    So glad you're enjoying the nice weather. We're cold here with a high of -12C/10F but with the windchill feeling like -23C/-9F. A bit chilly but not too bad if we stay active, but probably no swimming!

    1. Egad, that's way too cold! I couldn't even function!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Rita! Woofs from Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie

    1. Thanks! Looks like Rita and Rosie will have close gotcha days.

  12. Aww!!! Happy Gotcha Day Rita! It looks like ou had the most awesome day. It looks like mom and dad know how to celebrate!

    You look very happy. I think that says everything. :)

  13. Yes, cold is definitely relative and subjective! My dogs prefer colder temps, but our wind chill was about 10 degrees this morning and Jimmy indicated he wanted to head home much sooner than usual!

    1. Ooo, that's way too cold for us weather-wimps! Although, I would like to take Rita to see the snow some day and see how she does.

  14. Woohoo!! Happy Gotcha day buddy!! :)

    Glad you had some nice weather to celebrate!! My Mum's been moaning lately too, though the last few days it's been in the 70s in the day, which has kept her happy, but wait, I think it's gonna go back down to the 60s again - uh oh! AND I think there is a chance of some rain one day - I'm gonna go and hide under the bed so I don't have to listen to Mum! :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. Happy gotcha day, Rita! It looks like you had a fantastic time playing at the beach.

    I'm glad the weather has warmed up there. It was cold here in Austin last week, too - but tomorrow's going to be 70 and sunny! Thank goodness for nice weather.

  16. Brrr... I'll trade you for your cold day! It's the coldest here it's been in years.

    Happy Gotcha Day to the cutie!


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