January 7, 2013

Monday Mischief: What's That They Say About Beggars?

We decided to make popcorn this weekend. Rita loves popcorn... but only the buttery pieces.

Not sure you can see it all that well, but there's a perfectly good piece of popcorn on the ground at her feet. (Sorry about the picture quality. I took these with my iPad, so had to hold out the popcorn with one hand, and then try to both hold the iPad and take the picture at the same time with my other hand.)
"Don't try to slip me a non-buttery one, Momma!"

"Thank you, but I may spit this out in a sec."
She accepts each piece you give her, then spits it out if it doesn't pass her "flavorful enough" test. So, apparently beggars can be choosers.

As a related popcorn story, we used to buy microwave popcorn. Our beagle, Bailey, never wanted any of it. It made us wonder what the heck was in the stuff that even our total chow-hound didn't want any of it. (If you really want to know what's in there, read this.) So we switched to hot air-popping our own, and then Bailey loved it. I highly recommend getting a hot-air popper if you like popcorn and have been getting by on the microwave stuff! Your dog will thank you for it.

And... just because I can never pass up an excuse to roll out this video... If you haven't seen it before, this is Abby one day after her first sleep-over at her aunt's house - too exhausted to even wake up for popcorn! It's 47 seconds of way-too-cute and I still laugh every time I watch it!

Happy Monday Mischief!


  1. I love this video too, what was Abby up to on her sleep over?! :)

    How cool to have your own popcorn quality tester in-house!! :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. That's too funny about the picky popcorn eater. These guys love any of it.

  3. I'd heard microwave pop-corn was bad for you. I stopped eating it after that, and am too lazy to get an air-popper!

  4. That is too funny that she spits out the popcorn that is not flavorful enough for her! No way that would happen in our house!

  5. Those of the pack that have had popcorn really like it. I haven't read the article on microwave popcorn...maybe I should. Air popper is a really better and healthier way to go!

  6. I pop my corn on the stove. LOVE my stove top popper. In fact, I think I hear it calling me right now. Our dogs won't eat it, but the chickens love popcorn!


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