October 1, 2012

Monday Mischief: Not So Much

Poor Rita! Her Pop had meniscus surgery on both knees on Thursday, so she has not been getting her usual amount of attention. She's been a very good girl through it all, although not shy about letting us know how bored she is. (A lotta heavy sighing going on around here!)

We gave her a bone to try to keep her entertained this afternoon. You can see how put-out she is. (Those are the hubby's knees strapped up to his super-duper ice machine in the foreground.)
"Most boring weekend, evar!"

So, unfortunately, our poor bored girl has not gotten up to much mischief lately!

All this sitting around watching helping the hubster get better reminds me of when we were vigilantly watching Abby during her recovery. (For those who are new here, our previous pup, Abby, had bone cancer and had to have her right front leg removed when she was 15 months old.) It got me thinking, and I came up with a couple of lists:

Top 5 ways the hubby's knee surgeries recovery is like Abby's amputation recovery:

1. You have to help them get around. (For Abby, I had a sling; for the hubs, I have a rolling office chair.)

2. You have to get the pain meds dialed in. (At least the hubs can tell me when and where it hurts!)

3. You wait days for that first post-op poop. (Still. Waiting.)

4. You have to have special foods handy to entice them to eat. (Abby had her Flying Dutchman; the hubster seems to want nothing but soup - even though it's still crazy-hot here.)

5. You can't wait to see them up and hopping around again!

Top 5 ways the hubby's knee surgeries recovery is NOT like Abby's amputation recovery:

1. No Cone of Shame! (He has neither the desire nor the flexibility to lick his incisions.)

2. No visitors! (My family members came to visit the dog. Guesss how many have come to see the hubs? Did you guess none? You'd be right! I guess we know where Abby rated!)

3. At least the hubs doesn't want to be alone. (Abby "hid" in the yard behind our huge potted plant. The hubs at least prefers to have me hang out on the sofa with him. Besides... who would fetch his meds and snacks and the remote for him if he was alone??)

4. Haven't had to drag the mattress on to the floor! (Since Ab slept in the bed with us, we put our mattresss on the floor so she could still get in and out of bed with us if she wanted to. At least I haven't had to do that. Yet.)

5. There's not going to be any video of the hubby's first time walking around!

Here's hoping things are back to normal(ish) around here soon so Rita can get back to mischief making!


  1. How could such a little mother's angel get into any mischief?

    Just a little detail noticed here at the gulag, though -- where the heck is the blankie she's supposed to be on when the couch is in play??

  2. Oh good eye.... Well, Mike's been pretty much taking over both sides of the couch, so sometimes he's stretched out on that part she's on. I took her blankie down to get it out of his way, so yeah - she's even breaking her one rule that she has here!

  3. Had Mike lost a leg, we would have visited. And if I had been Abby, I'd have hidden from you as well. She was probably thinking, geez, these people cut off my leg. Better keep away from them or I might lose something else!

  4. Woof! Woof! That's good no shame cone. My dad had 3 knee surgeries. Happy MM. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Oh funny. Abby got tons of visitors when she wanted none, and the hubster gets none when he wants people near. Hugs and quick recoveries!

  6. So we were almost there to visit!! Now I feel bad but you can blame a dog. Running late yesterday cuz I had to take Leo to The Laundered Mutt for a bath and a nail trim. That dog has a lot of surface area and took forever! And water water water, move around more, fiber AND Mira Lax or Sennacot

  7. I hope you husband is up and about soon! I love how you compared the 2 recoveries!

  8. Is it wrong to laugh? Well you made me laugh with the reasons it's not like Abby's recovery!!

    So happy for hubby he doesn't have to wear the cone of shame!! :)

    Get well soon,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. I sure hope Rita's pop heals up quickly so she's not to bored. She's looking pretty content on the couch with that bone though! :)

    Thanks for all your good thoughts for Freddie. :)

  10. No, Snoopy - not wrong to laugh at all! We are all about the laughter over here! That's the only way we know how to deal with stuff. :)

  11. OH MY! That is some serious knee fixins! I hope the hubbie gets back on his feet soon! And bunny Rita is so adorable in her boredom!

  12. Lol - I love the heavy sighs!

    Gosh - hope he gets back on his feet soon! That looks like a pretty serious contraption!


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