October 15, 2012

Monday Mischief: No Ordinary Rabbit

We are getting ready to have some work done in our backyard, so the other day I was gathering up all the small little animal sculptures that inhabit our yard that I wanted to keep out of harm's way.

Well, moving them all into a pile brought a certain one of them to Rita's attention: the evil bunny.

"What is this thing??"

This little stone bunny has been in our yard the entire time she has lived with us. In fact, she walks past it on her way out the back door several times a day. But she only noticed it once I moved it.

"Seriously, what is this terrifying thing??"
She decided it was evil and must die. (Funny, because I call her "bunny" all the time. Maybe she hates that nickname and decided to take it out on this little fella'.)
"This evil rabbit must die!"
(I like the clouds reflected in the door on this one.)
"Hand it over, Momma."
"I'll kill it for you! Eventually."
Even when I tried to put the bunny in the pile with some of the other critters for safety, she still went after it. The birds and pup were of no interest to her at all.
"Come out of there you little devil rabbit!"
Maybe it's some beagle hunting instinct coming out in her! Or maybe she's seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail a few too many times. ("That's no ordinary rabbit. ... That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!")

Or, maybe she's just nutty.


  1. That is so adorable, even if it is a little hard to explain. But, it does look a little like a rabbit.

  2. I think it is funny that she passed that every day and didn't react til you moved it. Aren't dogs just sooo silly sometimes?
    I love the sky reflected as well!

  3. Amazing how she didn't notice until you moved it!

  4. The teeth! Look at it's teeth!

  5. Isn't it funny how they make such a big deal out of little things! Rita is so adorable attacking the bunny!

  6. What a great post! Our dogs can be so silly sometimes!

  7. Hehe... Bella did something similar with a bunny statute that my mother-in-law had in her garden. And one at the vet...

  8. BOL, that is too funny! That bunny must have some serious evil in him for Rita to react that way, or maybe Rita didn't like the fact that he dared to move and invade her yard!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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