October 26, 2012

Frosty Paws Giveaway!

October (which is quickly getting away from us) is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. In order to help celebrate this very special month, the folks at Frosty Paws sent me TEN prize packs to give away! The prize packs include a Frosty plush toy (for humans, not for dogs) and two coupons for free boxes of Frosty Paws (for dogs, not humans - although they do look pretty tasty). They come 4 to a box, so that's 8 Frosty Paws for your pup to enjoy! (But not all in one sitting.) Or, if you have a sharing kind of pup, he or she could have an ice cream Frosty Paw social and invite all his/her pals over!

See all the giveaway details below.

"This box is practically as big as me!"

"There's too much tape on this end."

"What is it???!"

A pile o' plush Frosty's

I put them up in the guest bedroom for their comfort & safety...

...and then remembered that Rita can jump pretty high!

If you've been following the blog for a while, you know how much we love Frosty Paws around here:
They were a favorite of Miss Abby...
... and Rita has been known to enjoy them as well!
...so we are excited that in addition to the 10 packs to giveaway, there was an extra 11th prize pack for Rita and I to share. Hooray for the Frosty Paws folks!
"I really like this, Momma. You're sure it's not a dog toy??"
OK, folks - this is my first time using Rafflecopter for a giveaway, so we'll see how this goes! You can use an email address to register, so you don't have to enter via Facebook if you don't wanna. [NOTE: If you've never used Rafflecopter before, after you sign in, you have to click the green "I commented" button to finish your entry. You should then see the box in the upper right corner show that you have earned "1 of 1" entry.] As noted in the Rafflecopter terms, this is only open to US residents as Frosty Paws have not gone international yet. You can enter until Thursday the 1st at midnight EST, and I'll announce the winners on the blog next Friday.

Everypawdy enter! And don't tell me it's getting too cold for Frosty Paws, cuz in my book, it's never too cold for ice cream! (Of course... I live in So Cal though so my experience of "too cold" is probably not the same as your experience of "too cold". So, you cold-climate folks - does it get too cold for ice cream? If it does, I don't want to live there!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. OK, so I think I just entered by logging in with FB but I didn't see your entry count increase. Indy enjoys Frosty Paws so she hopes she wins. And my favorite shelter dog is Indy, of course!

  2. My favorite shelter dog is my terrier mix, Little Bit, who was rescued as a puppy from a high-kill shelter. She loves Frosty Paws (we call them doggie crack in our house). :)

  3. Abby and Rita are pretty cool but my fav shelter dogs of course have to be Kelly and Brooks! Shelter dogs rock!

  4. We only have 1 shelter dog; he spent about a week at the shelter, maybe two. Our other dogs were in foster from day one and then to our house. Do they count?

    They're all pretty amazing and they love their doggy "ice cream."


  5. My favorite shelter dog is Artie, our dog we adopted in April. I would love to spoil him with some Frosty Paws.

  6. Living in Alabama, Frosty Paws is a REAL treat for my pups in the summer!

  7. My dog babboo, who I adopted approximately 1 year ago!

    -Britt T.


  8. My favorite shelter dog is the one who now belongs to my friends Erica and Gabriel. He's 9, and is in a great home now.

  9. My fav shelter dog is my puppy I got 4 years ago she is now 9 and spoiled

  10. Oooh - I've never tried frosty paws (Mum never gives me stuff this good!!) :)

    So I'll enter and see if I can win myself some!! :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. Oooo Torrey would love this.

  12. We love Frosty Paws but our momma never gets them for us. Please let us win!!!

    Our favorite shelter dogs -- we have quite a list: Shasta, Nakita, Rio, ME! (Zephyr) and Luna!!!! And of course, we loved our Abby, too!!!

    Zephyr and the hoodlums!

  13. It's hard to pick a favorite shelter dog cause I love them all, but if I had too I would have to say that I recently met a pit bull pup named Gorgeous George, he is adorable!

  14. Our dogs, Cinnamon and Sugar.

  15. Our dog, brookie! thanks for the giveaway (yes.4eva.r@gmail.com)

  16. My favorite rescue dog is my dog Sissy. She came on a rescue van from Alabama to Pa. She was rescued from a kill shelter and we adopted her from Petsmart.

  17. Monkeybutt just entered - he wants the "not a dog toy"!


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