June 12, 2014

See Beautiful: Orange You Glad It's Summer?

Okay... technically it's not summer until the 21st, but most schools are out and the weather's heating up, plus isn't Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start to summer? So, close enough!

Now that that's out of the way... I have to confess... I don't really like summer all that much. Since we live in the Land of Lovely Winters, I prefer every other season over summer, when it can get too hot for nice long walks/hikes with the pup. Neither Rita nor I like to get overheated, so... we just try to get through summer. Plus, since the hubs and I don't have kids, we always go on vacations in the spring or fall when it's quieter, so it's usually a long, hot wait for vacation!

But... I wanted to do an "orange you glad it's summer" post because of this, the scene on our front porch recently.

I had actually intended to do an "Orange you glad it's spring?" post last month for See Beautiful, but then we were away so I didn't get to it.

Anyway, that day that we set out on our walk and I took that pic on our porch, I decided I'd take photos of all the orange flowers I came across. I had no idea I'd see so many!
Ice plant

Coral succulent, nasturtium, daylilies

Bird of Paradise
No clue what this is called...
A gorgeous poppy!
There's even an orange-sherbet color house in our 'hood. (I don't normally "see beautiful" when I look at this house... but it fit in with the post - if not the rest of the 'hood - so here it is!) :)

The really funny thing was that when I got home, whaddya think was the first thing Rita did? She grabbed an orange toy!
"Hey, you're into orange today, right Momma?"

She almost never grabs this orange ball - mainly because she's not that much of a ball-player - so it was as though she'd noticed, "Hey, Momma's really into orange today. Maybe if I grab this ball she'll keep paying attention to me!"

One more confession... I'm not much of an "orange" person. It's not really a color I'm drawn too, and I never would have opted for an orange front door, but it was that way when we moved in, and I have to admit - I really love it!

So, how about you? Do you love summer? (I'm the only one who doesn't... right? Well, except maybe Jodi... BTW... have you entered the big ol' summer giveaway? If not, click that link and go enter!) And how do you feel about the color orange? :)

Get out there and See Beautiful!


  1. We love the long days of Summer and the sun but not so much the heat and yet then again after two awful Summers we are making the most of it this year. Lovely images and orange is a colour we like but not love. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love those flowers! I am a big fan of summer, my pups I think like it a bit cooler which is why we keep on the air conditioning

    retro rover

  3. It gets a bit warm for us in the summer, but there are so many wonderful things to see and do that its hard to resist. Fall is really our favorite season. Then again who can resist snow cookies.

  4. All those flowers are beautiful! We must be on the same page today. I love summer, but try to stay where the weather is cooler, otherwise I wouldn't be so very thrilled.

  5. Oh wesa loved all your pictures Ms. Jackie...and my mom wanted to tells you tomorrow she is going to look for your felted stuff so hers can try and make a little version of us....we don't have much hopes in it turning out ...sorta like her cooking and crocheting....sigh...
    angus mac

  6. I love Bird of Paradise flowers! I remember seeing lots of them on my long ago trips to SD.

    My guys have a love/hate relationship with summer. We have horrible heat and humidity so they suffer a lot, but summer also means swimming, their most favorite of activities!

  7. We LOVE Summer and plan lots of outdoor adventures. Oh! the flower that you have no idea is called Protea ... its our 1st post of See Beautiful http://www.sugarthegoldenretriever.com/2012/06/this-moment-see-beautiful/
    Golden Thanks for joining our hop and Seeing Beauty. Golden Woofs

  8. If that house were in my neighborhood, we would all pitch in to buy paint and a paint job. And I love that you included California poppies.

    Now back to the question: we have mild winters and hot summers with low humidity. It seldom gets too hot for us. We thrive on it. Our only complaint is that it is too short.

  9. Summer is my favorite. 100 degrees in Florida? Yes, please! I'll just sit and bake and be happy. 50 degrees in Florida? I'm miserable cold and freezing. I think I project my love of warm weather on Coco, but she's so fun-loving she doesn't seem to mind. Anyway, in the winter she lays too close to the fire, so she must take after me, right?

    I so love your orange motif--brightens the afternoon!

  10. Hi Y'all!

    Since we live in the southeast where high humidity and 90 plus temps are the norm starting in May and ending early October. We love summer, if not the extreme heat and humidity. We do stuff in the early mornings when temps are still in the 70's and 80's. When they forecast the first 100 degree Fahrenheit temps we head for the mountains.

    Beautiful flowers...love the orange theme.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  11. This is so clever, I love it! I do love summer, but spring is my favorite. Orange isn't my color really except for flowers so those pictures looked beautiful to me. Toby and Rita would get along, he doesn't love walking in the heat either.

  12. We love this time of year, before it gets too hot and we can enjoy it, Love all your orange!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  13. The orange photos are all so cheerful! I don't mind the warmer weather, but I can't stand when the humidity creeps up. As for the puppers, Leah prefers the winter walks, and Meadow prefers the summer - the hotter the better. Toby is not choosey, any walk is a good walk!

  14. We love bright colors, so orange is good! Funny you have so much of it, as we have all shades of pink around here right now, no orange at all! Have a beautiful day!

  15. I love orange!! Yellow is my favorite color, but orange is right after it. I just love bright, cheerful colors. Therefore, I enjoyed your photos very much, and how great of Rita to join in on the theme (we have that same orange ball)!
    I prefer Spring and Fall for seasons, summer just gets too hot for me (but I still prefer it over the New England winters)....and I'm sure our summers aren't nearly as hot as yours!

  16. Bird of Paradise flowers are so cool! I saw them in person in California last summer. Rita's ball is also very beautiful ;)

  17. Orange used to be my favorite color- it's bright. bold and not pink (I was a tomboy so I HAD to hate pink.) Now I like pink. :) And a also not a fan of summer... too warm, too many kids, but I love the flowers!

  18. Beautiful orange! We have an abundance of green (grass) and red (dirt) here. Summer here on the island is not as hot and humid as we are used to so it is much more pleasant but the bugs are horrible. Fun to chase and catch - just ask Bill.

  19. Orange is my favorite color so I just LOVE this See Beautiful post! We have an orange house in our 'hood too and we don't like it. It seems obnoxious among all the other houses. Anyway, those orange flowers are Beautiful and we love bird of paradise!

  20. I LOVED this post and nope, you and Jodi aren't alone. I am not a big fan of summer at all. Used to be when I was young and lifeguarded and was on a swim team, but not now. I think it is hilarious that Rita picked up the orange ball! Oh and I am not a fan of the color orange either but on that house, the flowers and that toy, (and your door!), it looks great!

  21. hello pooch smooches its dennis the vizsla dog hay sinse dadas fayvrit kolor is orandj eeven his kar is orandj i am pritty shoor this is probly his fayvrit post ever!!! ha ha ok bye

  22. Summer takes so long to come to upstate NY that I crave it. Just this weekend, I was shivering on the sailboat in 60 degree temps.

    If you want to get away from San Diego, come to the Finger Lakes. Our average summer temps are in the 70s. :)

    Glad you at least got to enjoy the beautiful colors of summer even if you're waiting for fall to cool things down.

  23. I teach PreK, so summer means I have time off and I love it! Of course, since it's year round school, I have time off in the spring, fall and winter, too. I don't like when it gets too hot for us to do anything, but I enjoy the slower pace of life that summer brings. All of your orange is really beautiful!

  24. Beautiful pictures. I like that Rita went along with the theme...lol.

  25. You know, I'm not a huge fan of summer. I mean, I like the longer days and the ability to forego socks for a few months, but I'm a redhead - we don't fare so well in the heat. And Moses and Alma aren't huge fans, either. Lucky for us, I suppose, summers are short here.
    But I do love all of your orange flowers! I'm not a huge fan of orange, either, unless it's for flowers - then it's one of my top choices.


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