January 30, 2014

Barks and Bytes: Beasts on Beds and Bestsellers

Better late than never, I'm joining the Barks and Bytes blog hop today.
Heart Like a Dog

I like this hop because you can either post about dog-related stuff (the Barks) or not (the Bytes). So, today I have a little of both. 

The Barks: Rita "Helps" Make the Bed
I was changing the sheets on the bed in the guest room the other day and thinking how I missed Abby, because she would ALWAYS leap up on the bed and get in my way when I tried to make it. (She was such a mischievous little beastie!)

And then, of course, this happened:
A furry beast lands on the bed
Rita usually stays out of the way when I'm making the guest bed because it's quite high up off the ground (our low-to-the-ground bed is another story, and she's a good excuse to not make it!). But she must have sensed I needed a laugh, so was happy to provide one.

Can you always count on your pup for a smile when you need one?

The Bytes: A Surprising Thing

Remember when I had my sale for Rescue Me, Maybe a couple of weeks ago and I posted that I was excited to hit No. 1 in the Dogs list for Amazon Kindle sales?

Well, a few days later, I found the hubs looking through the USA Today Bestseller list for my name. I said, "Silly boy" thinking "no way." But then... I started combing through there myself. And I was on there!

Not super high up at #130, but hey... I hit the USA Today Bestseller list! Just below Tom Clancy! How crazy is that? 

Now, I thought there was an unwritten rule that you couldn't refer to yourself as a bestselling author unless you hit the top 10 on a list - but after an interesting phone conversation yesterday (that I'll hopefully be able to tell you more about soon), apparently I oughta be proudly declaring that I hit the list. So, here I am. Declaring. Woot.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Heart Like a Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs for hosting Barks and Bytes!


  1. Indy used to attack the sheets whenever I tried to make the bed. She'd plop in the middle of the bed with much snarling and snorting. Now, in her old age, she ignores them. I sorta miss that, although it is much easier to make the bed.

    1. Yeah, it's easier to make the beds without crazy Abby around here, but ya do kinda miss that crazy stuff when it's gone.

  2. Oh that is exciting news about your book! Congratulations. What a thrill for you. Just below Tom Clancy on any list is way cool!

    Rita is a good little helper....that is how we say it around here. We have three good little helpers...lol. Thanks so much for joining the Barks and Bytes hop. Not too late, I am still visiting all the hoppers. :)

    1. Hee, yes, she's 'good little helper'!

      Tom Clancy!? Crazy!

  3. LOOK AT YOU ON THE BESTSELLER LIST!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is SUCH a big deal! You need a blue ribbon. And pie. Celebrate, woman!

    1. I DO need pie! Although my celebratory food of choice is usually ice cream. Hopefully we'll be able to do some celebrating this weekend. Been kinda a crazy week!

  4. Congratulations, Jackie. We can all say we knew you before you became a best selling author. In the same neighborhood as Tom Clancy is pretty good real estate. You must be thrilled to be on the list.

    I would never attempt to make a bed with the dogs in the room. They think it is a game and they make all the rules as they go along.

  5. Congratulations and well done to you. Onwards and upwards. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Congratulations! With all the books out there, I think #130 is a fantastic number and you definitely should be proud!
    Jeffie and Rosie are the worst culprits at getting in the way when I'm changing the sheets. Jeffie pretty quickly gets down; Rosie can't figure out why she should.

  7. Yes you should be proud and congrats on making the list! I downloaded your book now need to read it. Have a great day.

  8. How exciting to see your name on that list! Woo Hoo !!!!! You deserve it, your books are great reads!

  9. That is awesome that you made the list! When you think about the millions of books out there, 130 is great!

  10. Congratulations and I'm very touched by your pup taking over the job of bed-making sabotage! Make me smile!

    Terry from MatildasJourney.com

  11. This calls for a celebration!!! Cake AND Ice Cream!! Congratulations to YOU!!! That is AWESOME you are on the list!! My girlz always get in the way of bedmaking!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  12. I just came to say hello,, and thank you again for coming to my bloggy when I was so sick,, and all the love you sent to me

  13. Congratulations on the book!!! Being next to Tom Clancy....that is just so cool!! You have every reason to be proud and excited.
    I don't think we ever get to make the bed around here without having to try to expel one animal or another (or give up). Dogs sometimes just know when we need a laugh too!

  14. You know that is uncanny about Rita jumping on the bed like that. I always take those kind of things as a sign.

    Our dobe used to always stand between Nick and me when we were sitting on the sofa and stick his nose between the cushions while we pet him. (I know, odd habit, right?) But the uncanny part is right after he passed, we were both really upset, and my cat Whiskers hopped up and shoved her head in the cushion. She had never done anything like that before...

    Sorry you are missing Abby. (((Hugs)))

    As for the USA Today best seller list....Woot Woot is right! Way to go! That is just AWESOME. And congrats on the Amazon Kindle list too. :-)

  15. I reckon Tom Clancy will be made up to be on the list next to you!! ;) Just downloaded What the Dog Ate :))) Looking forwarded to your next one :)

    BTW Austin always "helps" make the bed!!

  16. Thank you for joining the blog hop and congratulations on being a best selling author!! You go girl. :-)

    That's Rita channeling her inner Abby. :-)

    Delilah always comes in when I'm making the bed, (mostly because she won't let me out of her sight) but I have a hard and fast rule about no dogs on the bed until I give the okay. Most times she will sit patiently at the end of the bed waiting but once in a while she will jump up and then I need to escort her off.

    I had cats that loved to play under the covers and used to do that with Sampson too but he doesn't do that much anymore.


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