January 30, 2014

Barks and Bytes: Beasts on Beds and Bestsellers

Better late than never, I'm joining the Barks and Bytes blog hop today.
Heart Like a Dog

I like this hop because you can either post about dog-related stuff (the Barks) or not (the Bytes). So, today I have a little of both. 

The Barks: Rita "Helps" Make the Bed
I was changing the sheets on the bed in the guest room the other day and thinking how I missed Abby, because she would ALWAYS leap up on the bed and get in my way when I tried to make it. (She was such a mischievous little beastie!)

January 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Dog-crazy Spam

You know you're a dog-lover when one day's junk mail looks like this: donation requests from the ASPCA, the local Humane Society, and Best Friends.

January 21, 2014

A Wordy T-shirt on Wordless Wednesday

Today I'm belatedly sharing one of my "surprise" Christmas presents. (And by "surprise" I mean: I ordered it, checked it out when it arrived, then pretended to forget about it until Xmas morning. But the hubs did wrap it. And by "wrap it" I mean: stick it in a gift bag. Lest you think that's laziness, no! It's just being green. Okay, and maybe a little lazy. We have these dog-themed gift bags that we've probably been using for a decade or more!)

Anyway, here it is!

January 20, 2014

Monday Mischief: When Bed Dogs Equal Bed Hogs

I totally jinxed myself.

A few months ago, Mrs. Taleteller over at Tales & Tails posted about her bed hogs (if you don't regularly read this blog, you should since it's always got amazing pics and great writing). She mentioned the battle for real estate in their bed. I commented that Rita "mostly sleeps curled up in one spot all night - next to the hubby." 

I should have known better.

January 17, 2014

Follow Up Friday: Beggars Still Choosing, No 1, and Not My News But...

I had this post almost completely done. And then I hit some strange key combination on accident and lost the whole thing. Even though I'd already saved it several times. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH.

Anyway....... It's Follow Up Friday... the blog that lets you wrap up your week.

Beggars Are Still Choosers
I posted about Rita turning down an offering of some lobster. She continues her choosy ways in this video:
{Please ignore the dog hair on the floor. I bet you have no experience with that sort of thing...}

January 14, 2014

Blog the Change for Animals: Take a Chance on the Best Friend You'll Ever Have!

The shelter where I volunteer, Helen Woodward Animal Center, has a pretty good turnover rate for the dogs. But, once in a while, we'll get a dog or two that are there for months on end. I know those dogs gets lots of good care and loving from the staff and all of us volunteers... but still... it would be nice if someone would take a chance on them. 

So today, for Blog the Change for Animals, in honor of one of the dogs that's been at Helen Woodward for a while now, Lilo, -- as well as all the shelter pups out there -- I present: "Take a Chance on Me," with lyrics appropriate for a pup waiting for their furever buddy, set to the tune of Abba's classic hit: