April 25, 2014

A Quiet Blog for a Bit

I've missed you guys! Hope you've missed us, too. Know I haven't blogged much recently, and other than this post I probably won't have a chance to blog again until our May 6 Give Cancer the Paw hop. 

BTW, hope you'll join that! 

If you do, I may not be able to visit your blog until the next day but we'll see... Things are a little up in the air. Also, if you plan to join, Peggy will be in charge of the linky this time, so please stop by Peggy's Pet Place for the code - the hop should go live at midnight Eastern time on May 6 and be open for a few days.

Know I'm being cryptic but will explain when Rita and I are back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

Also I just wanted to mention... I don't know how some of your blog "unsubscribe" thingies work, but in case you've seen me unsubscribing from some of your blog email alerts, it's not cuz I don't love you! It's just my email inbox is overwhelming, so I'm consolidating all my blog notices into BlogLovin'. 

So... don't forget - Give Cancer the Paw on May 6. You can blog about whatever you want: a tribute, a support/Power of the Paw post for a furry friend with cancer, cancer research info, et+c.

Now... because no post is complete without a picture of a pup, and because I most likely won't be posting on Cinco de Mayo... here's a little re-run of two of my fave pics of Rita:

Bye for now! Or I guess I should say, Adios. Via con queso!


  1. Hope everything is OK! I had noticed your absence and chalked it up to a book writing frenzy. It's also too easy to let blogging start to slide. Once you feel all the free time, it gets a bit more difficult to get back in there! I have a huge inspiration block going on right now!

    Hasta luego!

    1. The past week was a writing frenzy (well, an editing frenzy anyway) but other stuff going on now. Will 'splain later. You're right about how easy it is to let it go once you start letting it slide....... Anyway - we'll be back!

  2. We always will send you our hugs.
    stella rose

  3. Hope all is well...we will miss you!

  4. I think you are a bad influence on Rita with the tequila....LOL!
    I was just thinking about you today, and figured the book was keeping you busy. I hope everything else is OK, and will look forward to hearing from you again when you can! Take care!
    PS....I'm definitely planning on joining the hop....just haven't figured out what to do yet!

  5. Hopefully you are just busy with work and nothing bad is going on. See you when you return.

  6. Hope all is well and you get done what you need to get done and get back to blogging. Will miss ya funny stuff. Hugs to you and Rita and see you soon.

  7. We are hoping that you are negotiating with Hollywood for the rights to film your books. Hang tough...

  8. Thanks for the update. I love knowing that bloggers are doing more than just blogging - it's pretty exciting and inspiring.

  9. We do miss you and no worries we see you when we see you. Hope all is well and take care. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Jeffie is so sad that poor Rita has been driven to drink... again ;-) Planning to join the hop again May 6 and just hope your absence is due to all good things.

  11. Thanks for telling us about May 6. Take care and we hope you are back soon!

  12. I hope things are okay! It sounds very mysterious...

  13. I switched to a reader for the same reason that you did. My inbox was nuts and if you are away from the blog for a bit, it gets very confusing. Best of luck with whatever you have going. :)

  14. Chica Chica Chica - I hear ya. I don't know what's going on, but I haven't been visiting blogs till today. And Blog Paws is next week! And packing! And renting chicks! And photos! And stuff! And more stuff! You're missed, but this is definitely a busy time of year!

  15. Totally understand needing a break once in a while...just hope all is well and you're taking a break because good things are eating up your time! :-)

    And I absolutely love that last photo of Rita. I think she was hitting that bottle when you weren't looking. LOL!


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