April 1, 2014

Less Wordy Wednesday: Crazy Dog Lady Art

{Before we get started... I made a lot of tweaks to my blog template this week. Let me know if anything looks stupid on your end!}

A few weeks ago, I worried that my inner child was actually a cat person, when a found photo of my childhood bedroom revealed a wall full of cats. 

I thought maybe I'd show you what my walls (and shelves) look like now, so you can see that I am in fact a card-carrying Crazy Dog Lady. In order to keep this from looking TOO crazy, I'm not including photos of my own past/present pups. This will all be "dog art".

So, ready for the doggone dog-art tour?

When you first walk in the door, you are greeted by my felted angels, Bailey and Abby. (Yes, the Abby only has 3 legs.)

On the shelf below my felted angels, I have this wrought-iron dog...:

...And these three hand-crafted pieces, who are so cute you have to "meet" each one up close.

 First from the left is a ceramic finger puppet, that we call "PartyDog."
In the middle is a black Lab that also operates as a whistle, as you can guess from the terrible photo of the hole in her left haunch, and the funny look on Rita's face when I blew into her.
On the end, is this fabulous red dog, made from a single cutting out of a 1972 Dodge truck. Isn't he pawesome!? Got him in New Mexico a few years back when I visited there with my sis. The artist, Janey Katz, does amazing stuff with "reinCARnated" old trucks.
On the next shelf over, we have a Poupee Millet doll. I know that looks like it says a "poopy millet" doll, but it's French, so it's pronounced "poo-pay me-yay" and just means a "millet doll." They're filled with millet seeds so have a bean-bag quality to them. I used to have a big doll collection as a kid, so have a few of these "poopy millet" gals, and they all have fabulous hats, but this one - with the puppy scrambling up to get his giant bone - is my fave.

Continuing on down the hall, we have various framed drawings/paintings. The first is this Chagall poster, which mostly features a donkey, but there's also a dog sitting next to the man's leg (which is why I wanted it, of course!) (Sorry some of these art shots aren't great... the glare of the flash on the glass was problematic!)
This adorable little beagle sitting in the woods is a print I got off Etsy by artist Todd Young. It was a screaming deal for the signed print at $16.50. (I think maybe it was another blogger who turned me on to this guy's stuff. Was it YOU?)
This is another Etsy find my sis turned me on to, from artist Clair Hartmann. Another screaming deal at $25. Technically, this is a Jack Russel in the painting, but I only realized after ordering it and getting it home how much it looks like Rita! (Doesn't it?!)
This is just a cheapy print of an artist I love - Didier Lourenco - of a couple walking their dog near the coast. (It looks much better in real life!)
My mom brought me these 2 prints with sled dog art when she went on a cruise to Alaska a few years back. They're pretty cool. (Way cooler than the goofy sled-dog pillow she brought me...)
This is on my writing desk, and is an iPad "painting" my sis did (the same sis who did my header paintings). It's angels corgi Lou and Abby, in the classic "Stubs and Stilts" pose.
In our bedroom, we have this needlepoint that one of my other sister's did from a photo we took of Bailey as a pup, learning to howl. So cute!
Finally, we have this water color painting I did for a present for the hubs a few years back, of Bailey as a pup, asleep in our bed. (She loved to sleep like a person, with her head on a pillow.)

Like I said, this doesn't count all the photographs we have of dogs on our walls/shelves, nor does it include all the stuffed dogs and/or dog books! 

Hopefully you've enjoyed the tour of Crazy Dog Lady Art and are convinced again that I am a dog person.

Happy Slightly-less Wordy (but definitely picture-heavy!) Wednesday!


  1. I love all your dog stuff, particularly the sculpture from the old dodge truck. I am a proud crazy dog lady too!!

  2. Wow, Jackie, I think you have definitely made you point... that photo of Rita's tilt-head might be the cutest EVER. So what does it mean that all of my art is of cockatoos? Never mind. I already know.

  3. What a great collection of eclectic artwork - I love it!

  4. You are in no danger of being a cat person! What great art!

  5. We can safely say the pendulum has swung in our favour. No worries being a cat person. We loved seeing those. We have something for you on our blog tomorrow. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Well, though I never had any doubt about you being a dog lady, I'm loving your tour! Thanks for not asking us to pick a fave... :-) I'm a fan of Todd Young and discovered him a couple of years ago. Love his work.

  7. You have lots of cute stuff. I love the felted dogs, and the red one form the truck...very cool.

  8. Yup you're a Crazy Dog Lady! My mom was a cat person all her life so I share the house with all kinds of cat collectibles, she knows better than to start doing it again with Doxies. Love Dolly

  9. I like it all, but of course I'm partial to the felted kids and the pic of Angels Abby and Lou (I get teary every time). Just wandered around on the Janey Katz site. Gonna try and order a couple of things.

  10. Your watercolor is great! It looks like your inherited some of the same artistic skills as your sister!

  11. I loved the tour, you got some really cool stuff! I love the three legged abby, sorry she had to leave you so soon but really love the keepsake you have of her. Have a wonderful day.

  12. A most convincing tour to assure that you are the crazy dog lady that we all aspire to be. Well, ok, most of us love to surround ourselves with canine images because they are so cute and make us happy.

  13. Nice collection!. I would think you are just an animal lover. That is all. Nothing wrong with that! WOOF!

  14. You have some great dog art! I love all that stuff. We might have a few things like that around our house...

  15. You are definitely a dog person, and I love your collection of art! It makes me want to do a similar post, but I'm afraid my collection might come up lacking....I probably do have a lot of cat and wildlife stuff, and then I'll just want to go shopping to get more dog stuff. LOL Thanks for the tour!

  16. The needlepoint and watercolor are WONDERFUL!! Also, I definitely bookmarked the Etsy shop for the Jack Russell wearing a top hat...love it! :) I also have TONS of animal-themed art; there are for some reason a lot of owls and bulldogs, which is weird. Dog art is my favorite :)

  17. My mom admits to being a crazy cat lady until she was in her early twenties, now she is definitely a crazy dog lady and we love it! Cute stuff you have sitting/hanging around.

  18. You have some very cool and unique pieces of doggie art. :)

  19. I love it!

    I also have quite a collection of doggie art. When it's time to move onto a boat, I'll have to give some beloved objects up. I'm thinking I should have an online auction so I can put them into the hands of other people who will appreciate them.

    I'll send you a personal invitation. :)

    BTW, the felted Bailey and Abby were my faves.

    1. An auction is a good idea! I'll look forward to the invite!

  20. Wow...what a fabulous doggie art collection! Thanks for taking us on a tour. I agree...you have definitely gone beyond "cat crazy" and moved into the realm of "dog crazy" - and since I loved all of the art, I must be a bit dog crazy myself. :-)

  21. You are no doubt a dog person alright. In all fairness though, your collections have all artisitc taste. I even thought for a second how realistic the paint was, the black and white paint with a dog, a man and a lady in it. I really thought the lady in the painting was holding out a flashlight in her hand, it really looked like a real light though.


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