September 12, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Rita's "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" Report

You guys! It's me, Rita. Momma and Daddy went to Maui (again) and I was stuck at The Gulag* (again)!!!

This time, they even put me behind bars while I was there:
I don't need to be behind bars! (The little dude next to me does though. I was guilty just by association with him! Not fair!!)

Okay... if I'm honest... The Gulag is not that bad. I can't get up on any ol' piece of furniture, like at home, but I can get up on the loveseat. And I love my auntie and my uncle that I stay with. 

And... I got to have a lot of play time with my cousin, as you saw from the one picture yesterday.

I like playing with my cousin. 

Except when he tries to herd me and chews on my legs. I am not a cow, Mr. Corgi Pants! (Even if I do like to eat grass now and then...)

Speaking of which - I love their grass! It's the best, and we have NONE at my house.

For your Mirth Watch Thursday pleasure, here's a cute little video of us playing bitey face in the shade. It was stinkin' hot, and there was only a tiny patch of shade on the grass, so I stuck to it!

Did you see Reg try to go in the sun? And me push him back in the shade? I don't like to be too hot!

So, okay. All in all, it wasn't that bad at The Gulag. You wanna know what the real worst part was?? Guess what my parents brought me after a whole week without me at the beach?? Nada! That's right... nothin'!

I should have been mad at them when they FINALLY got back home... but... I couldn't help it. I barked at first, but then when I saw that it was them... well, I admit that I kissed my Momma more than I've ever kissed her. And I might have even kinda cried a little bit.

I can't believe I just admitted that. **hangs head** I'm going to turn things over to Momma now. 

The Momma here... Just gonna share a bit about our trip. We're pretty boring so we did the same thing pretty much every day - long walk by the beach in the a.m., then the hubs would go for a long swim, while I walked along and kept lookout for sharks**:
The hubs, swimmin' with da' fishes.
After some sunning and reading on the beach, we'd just chill at our condo - read, take a nap. Every afternoon we went for shave ice. Yum. Then back to the condo for happy hour while we watched the sunset, and then we'd go out to dinner and/or go for another walk.
We were pretty boring, but it was totally relaxing! And so pretty!

We had to take some selfies, 'natch. (We've been taking this same selfie pose long before "selfies" was a thing. Like, before digital even. And, I know... selfies - it's a terrible term. It just sounds... wrong. Like something you do in private, but whaddya gonna do. That's what these kids are calling it today. Also, to be hip and timely - which I NEVER am - I did some hot dog legs, but since we forgot to also take companion shots of the actual hot dogs we bought, it seems pointless to post the hot dog legs shots.)
Seriously... been doing this since at least the early 90s.

Same as the last time we went, we saw a lot of cute dogs on the beaches, but we rarely bothered to take our camera/phone to the beach with us. (We are not folks who need to be constantly "connected.") But I did manage to get this fun shot of a paddle-boarding pooch:
Hang sixteen, little dude!

* This is a running joke between us and my sis. We've been trading dog-sitting for years, and our house is always The Spa (no rules) and their house is always The Gulag (only because of a few rules).

** There have been a few shark attacks in Hawaii this year (although supposedly no more than is normal) and, tragically, a young woman recently passed away after a shark attack in Maui. We were a little - okay, a lot - freaked out about this. Last year, the hubs would go for looooong swims, way out and off around bends and into little coves all by himself while I walked or read or generally did my own thing. Not this year! He stayed close to shore and I walked and kept "shark watch." Unfortunately, I accidentally had him swim at the exact location where the young woman was attacked. Yikes! Did not realize that until a day or two later. I know the odds are slim - but it's scary stuff. Especially for me, because I already have a phobia about fish touching me.

This got crazy-long, but, hey, it's mostly pics! Happy Mirth Watch Thursday!

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  1. That looks like a great beach to go and just chill out. Glad you had a great time. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. It was a great beach! Rita would have loved it. Wish she could have come too!

  2. The older I get the more pleasant the word "boring" becomes. It's nice when we reach the point where we can do what we want on a vacation and not what sounds exciting to other people.

  3. We are going to Maui in November. I can't imagine how sad I'll be to leave behind my Coco!

    1. Yeah, it was hard to leave Rita. She was pretty much the only reason we came back. :)

      Have fun when you go! It's so lovely there.

  4. My mom loves boring, that would be her kind of vacation. You are so lucky to have someone to watch Rita, it is hard to find a good person to watch us when Mom goes away which, luckily is not often.

    1. Yes, we are VERY lucky to have someone we can trust watch Rita. When we used to live far away from family, we had to use a kennel once or twice and it was awful - for us and our pup at the time.

  5. Yeah. That looks SOOOO boring. *yawn*

    Was the woman who died swimming or surfing? Surely there was something else, not just swimming. I hear ya about the fish thing, though. I've been body slammed by a school of fish in the Atlantic and TOTALLY freaked out. Totally. Not sure I've been in the ocean past my ankles since then.

    Glad you're home! Hi Rita!

    1. She was snorkeling. A guy who had just showed up on the beach swam out and brought her in (her arm was bitten off) and she made it to the hospital, but passed away the next day (I think). Awful! I think she was snorkeling at dusk - and it said in the paper not to go out at dawn/dusk as that's a shark's feeding time. Don't know if that's true - but certainly followed that advice!

      The thought of being body slammed by a school of fish just gave me massive heebie-jeebies. I barely swam a wee bit while we were there. Just enough to say I did and see a few fish - from not too close. Saw lots of turtles from shore though, so that was cool.

  6. I think that sounds like the perfect vacation! I am trying trying to talk the hubs into a beach trip next summer, I think I'm almost there.

  7. Oh Rita, you know you always have a good time at the Gulag. Although you did get get robbed with mom and dad sneaking off to Maui without you. How dare they! But hey, rollin' in the grass and bitey-face in the shade isn't a half-bad vacation, either... so don't be too jealous.
    To momma.. we're "boring" like that as well, and we like it that way. Your description of your days sounds exactly like what we'd do. I don't understand those people who try to cram as many things into every day of a vacation that they can. Like every hour is accounted for with an activity. Ugh. Not at all relaxing. Glad you guys had a great time and came back home to a happy Rita!

  8. Looks like dogs and humans had a blast. Beautiful sunset.

  9. Boring? You're kidding, right? Sounds (and looks like) heaven to me :-)

  10. My hubby and I are boring too, so that sounds like the perfect vacation to me! Minus the whole shark thing to worry about though, that would have freaked me out too.
    It looks like Rita had a great time, it must make it much easier to leave her knowing that she's going to have a safe place to stay and a fun playmate.


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