July 12, 2013

Follow-Up Friday: With Ribbons and More Woolly Ball News and...Other Silliness

It's Follow-Up Friday...
...and that means it's time to answer those burning questions (if it's burning - go see a doctor!) and follow-up on the news!

Back to the Fair - One Last Time...
My sis and I had to go pick up our winning felting displays at the fairgrounds the day after the fair ended, which means we got to pick up our big ol' ribbon (plus a certificate and a little gift of a pin with the fair's "game on" logo. Oh boy.) We are still waiting for our checks!

I brought the ribbon home and made it into a hair-bow, which I've been wearing ever since.
 Okay, I kid! (But it would work that way, right??)

In other interesting follow-up news, I'm sure you remember the woolly balls that beat our bunnies for 2nd place. I assumed that the red ribbon was covering an "e" and Louise had made those - but no, we later found out it was LOUIS. I guess that explains the woolly balls... it was a dude's woolly balls! (I'm sorry that the world has gender-biased me to the point where I just assume that only a woman would want to get crafty stabbing wool with a needle. I should have known that anything that involved stabbing would also attract men!)
You can't tell in this tiny pic, but the ribbon is right alongside the "s" in Louis.

Puppy Ears & .... Stuff
In our Monday Mischief post featuring Reggie, Flea of Jone's Natural Chews mentioned that her mother-in-law "always tapes tampons in her Danes ears when they're clipped, to keep them upright." And Ann of Pawsitively Pets noted that she had "met some Doberman pups who had tampons taped in their ears so they would stand up properly. I think the blue tape thing looks much cuter. ;)" We have to wholeheartedly agree!
Here it is again so you can clear your mind of the tampon thing...
Spreading the Cookie Love
On Wordless Wednesday, most everyone agreed they would love to either be on a walking route where they could leave treats for the pups that stop by, or have a route that included a treat stop. We haven't been back that way yet, so I can't report on whether the treats are back or not. Hopefully they will be. Pamela of Something Wagging This Way Comes suggested "maybe contributing a little box of treats to share with Rita's thank you note would be a neighborly gesture." I think we'll do that - and, um, maybe a business card?? Maybe she'd like to read my book... (If I shamelessly plug my book, does that make it a less neighborly gesture?)

Rita's Continuing Ed
In our Educating Rita post, Taryn of A Tail of Two Cardis asked,"Have you done just a regular obedience class with Rita or is she too reactive for that?" I wasn't sure if she was too reactive, so didn't want to sign her up for anything before he met with her. He said she's fine to take a class, so we'll do a couple more one-on-one sessions and then sign up. For our next session (Monday) he's going to walk with us in the neighborhood, so you just know we won't see any of her usual triggers! 

Kate from SlimDoggy commented that her sis adopted a dog from Mexico who looks a lot like Rita - and wow, she does. Go check out Tally here.  

In Other News...
* My blog disappeared! (You're reading this and going, "Um, no it didn't.") Okay, it was only for part of an evening, but I about had a heart attack! Got a message saying there'd been "unusual activity" (what... like people were reading it??) and it had been DELETED. The cell # they had for me was no good anymore, but luckily I got it sorted out and got the code I needed to reinstate it. Funnily enough, the same thing happened over at Life with Wrigs, and she did a helpful post on how to backup your blogger blog!

* Slim Doggy did a fun post called "Is my dog weird?" with some stories about dogs' funny habits. Rita got a shout-out. Go add your dog's funny habits in the comments! (Another funny habit of Rita's that I just noticed today is that every time she hears my camera turn on, she comes running! She just assumes I want pics of her! Funny girl.)
Rita - photo bombing when I was setting up the Ribbon shot
* Molly the Wally is reviewing What the Dog Ate on Friday! At the time I'm writing this, I haven't seen the review yet - but it should be there while you're reading this. I'm pretty sure she's not going to say mean things about it, so I feel free to share the link to her site, even though the review is sight-unseen. :)

* I have been going blind lately working on getting my next novel ready to go. Been doing some formatting (which is very detailed work) and mocking up some covers. It's fun stuff - but hard on the eyes. Hope to have news to share about the new book soon. Shooting for a release date of early September! It features a fictionalized version of this gorg gal:
Our beautiful angel, Abby

That's it, that's all! Thank you for hanging in and reading all that!


  1. How could we say anything mean when we enjoyed it so much. Our pleasure to do a review of your wonderful book which is just right for a Summer read. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Great follow up! Laughed about Rita... I've finally figured out (I think) what the problem is with me, my dogs, and the camera. They see the camera, hear the zip of the camera bag opening, hear the ding of the camera turning on (when we're in the house) and immediately stop whatever cute thing it was they were doing and come running. They are positive we're gonna have a photo shoot for dog treats... lol

    1. That must be what happens here too - There are some funny things that Rita does that I have such a hard time catching on film!

  3. The Fair Felting Follow-up does have one more interesting tidbit. Who did we see exit with their goodies while we were still waiting in line? Yep -- Louis/Louise carrying out the wooly balls!

    Fellow Felter, Terry

  4. I am new to your blog but when is the book coming out? or is it out yet?

    Marie Angelique & Rummer

    1. Hi M.A. - I've got one book out already, "What the Dog Ate," and another (also dog-related!) coming in September.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey Jackie,

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!! Great follow-up Friday. Louis made the wooly balls? The only surprise there is that they weren't bigger. :D

    Sorry I couldn't help myself.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Heehee. Someone had to say it - it might as well (and most likely would be) you. lol :)

  6. Darn, Jodi beat me to a comment about men and their big wooly balls.

    It's a good thing I don't have a photo blog. When my dogs smell a camera and yes, they can, they run and hide.

    1. Don't you hate when someone beats you to a funny reply!?

  7. LOL! Your hair bow ribbon gave me a silly idea! Jimmy has earned zillions of ribbons along his quest to his agility championship (MACH). When we finally get that title (and we will! Positive thinking and all :-) ) I'll have to cover myself with all those ribbons and pose with Jimmy and his MACH bar. I'd sorta look like that Geico guys with all the dollar bills :-) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F-z6v96VsQ&list=PL139A69A037F3A12D)

  8. This leaves me to wonder...if mom had taped my ears up as a pup, would I look like a wabbit now with long tall ears??? Hmmm...
    Bummer with the website, that is Mom's worst fear!

    1. LOL That's a funny image, Emma.

      Yes, it was my fear too - and I had "back up blog" on my to-do list for ages! Well, nothing like having it deleted (thankfully only briefly!) to spur me to finally do it!

  9. Um, yeah, the blue tape thing is much better. Don't even want to imagine that other option!
    I think you should definitely shamelessly plug your book to your neighbors. They will be happy you did! I'm still enjoying your book....haven't had a lot of reading time lately. Hopefully I'll finish it by the time your next one is out. :)
    BTW, I used to read a whole book in a day or two, until I started this blogging thing.

    1. Thanks! Okay, then - going to shamelessly plug away! :)

      Yeah... the blogging thing takes up a lotta time, doesn't it?! But it's FUN!

    2. Yes, it is!! I also meant to say that my blog also disappeared a couple weeks ago....turns out my server had some kind of big crash and it took them about 24 hours to fix it. Apparently, everything was lost, but lucky for me they had backups. Phew. I was panicked for a while though, when trying to get in touch with them when I didn't know what was going on!

  10. OMG about your blog getting deleted. How scary, glad you got that all worked out.

    Poor dogs, bad enough they get their ears snipped, but to have to walk around wearing tampons. How humiliating.

  11. Hi Jackie!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog the other day. Mom is looking forward to reading your book. And... we think that you are the winning bidder on the toy and treat combo that we donated to the auction for the Moore OK animals!!
    Can you contact DachieswithMoxie ASAP, we would like to get this out to you!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. I like your blue ribbon as a hair bow. Totally works for you. Do you have blue satin drapes that you'll be transforming into a hooped gown to go with that hair bow, Scarlett? ;)

    SEPTEMBER?!? I have to wait THAT LONG to read your next book? Woman. So here's the next question - will it be available in paperback, or just as an ebook? And, do you make more from the print copy or the ebook copy? Because that determines what I buy.

    1. Heehee, love the Scarlett reference.

      Early Sept! And it will be here before you know it! I'll be doing both an ebook and print. That's sweet that what I make determines what you'll buy. It actually depends if I do the pricing the same as I did last time.... If I price it at 9.99 intro price for print, then I actually make more on the ebook (even though the ebook is a mere 2.99). But after a coupla months I upped the What the Dog Ate price to 11.95, so then I make a bit more off print. (Even if Amazon marks it down to a sale price, like they are right now, of 10.75)

      This is probably more info than you needed! :)

    2. No, that's good. Thank you. Actually ... I have a thing for author signed books, so you'll have to let me know how we can make that work. ;) Paypal? And treats for Miss Rita if you sign it?

    3. We could totally make a signed copy thing work! Maybe we could just barter! I send you a signed book, you hand over some treats for the dog! :)


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