June 20, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Connected (to the Dog) But Alone

Recently the hubs and I were watching something on TV where they were interviewing Sherry Turkle about her book Alone Together and her TED talk "Connected, But Alone." Turkle is a psychologist and sociologist who talks about how our connection to each other online and via our devices is shaping how we relate and communicate with one another in person.

It got me thinking about Rita, and how when I'm connected to her (out on a leash walk) I often still feel alone...

After all, she's obsessed with checking her pee-mail.
"Says here that Fifi got spayed!"

"Oooo, and Spot had to see the vet about an infection! I wonder if Fifi knows..."
If I try to get her moving again, she digs in her heels.
"Momma! I have to leave a reply! Geeesh."
She's also been playing a lot of Angry Birds.
Terrible photo of Rita chasing crows. (She hates crows!)

She plays when we're at home too.
Okay... I missed the crows, so added the little purple guys...

She's also spends way too much time staring at Grumpy Cat. (Sorry, couldn't manage to get an actual photo of her obsession with our neighbor's grumpy cat, who is apparently deaf - for reals - so he really doesn't care if Rita trash-talks at him. Hope this replica of their interactions gives the spirit of the thing.)
(You can click to make bigger so it's hopefully legible!)

When she does finally stop checking her pee-mails, and stop playing Angry Birds, and forget about grumpy cat, she's actually a lovely little walking partner.
Connected, and together!
Now, if I could just get her to stop hitting the grass so much!
"This is goood grass, man!"
"Heeeey, I liiiike grass...."
Happy Mirth Watch Thursday!

And... congrats to the winners of the KONG Premium Treats! The 3 winners are:
* Sue K. (of Talking Dogs blog!)
* Christina N.C.
* Amanda A.
I'll email you ladies today regarding your mailing addresses. Congrats again!


  1. LOL! Thanks for the giggles. Loves the Grumpy cat drawing too.
    I supposed that the hound part in Rita just can't stop herself huh? I used to experience the same things with my last dog, Aspen. It was all about following her nose. But, she also checked in with me pretty often.

    She may have been challenging like Rita, but it made life very interesting too. :)

  2. By the look on Rita's face in that last photo, I'd say it was some pretty good "grass" Rita had there. LOL!

  3. LOL we do all those things. Rita is not alone and the new grass is just asking to be rolled in. We are enjoying the book very much. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. since us pugs don't have much of a nose, well in fact hardly any we don't smell alot of things on our walks, mostly we choose not to move and mom has to carry us, that way we make sure mom gets lots of our attention...lol....
    stella rose

  5. Doves. Sparrows. Bluejays. None of those common birds register in Sharky's mind even if they're a foot away. But CROWS...

    ...Good to know somebody else's dog has crows on their List.

  6. That's one of the things I like about walking my dogs, I can have some time just for me. :-)

    Great post Jackie, it made me chuckle.

  7. I'm always envious of the ability to smell that my dogs have. What a great way to experience the neighborhood on walks. Then i remember how disgusting those smells are to humans and I don't want them intensified.

  8. Heh. Rita on the grass. On grass. Nah - just doesn't sound right. I like the idea of Rita chasing birds, though.

  9. What can I really bark about...I am wabbit obsessed and have myself under every pine tree my path crosses. Mom says I walk twice the distance she does with all my back and forth but I do pay attention fairly well if she asks me for something. My sister tends to spend most of the walk next to mom. Both of us love to roll on our backs on fresh cut grass...I think all dogs love that!

  10. Still giggling...Gizmo plays Angry Birds down at the lake, and Angry Squirrels and Angry Neighbors Dogs Walking by HIS Window...well you get the picture...but outside I enjoy watching him explore his world...he may just show me something new

  11. The crows in the park now follow us around shrieking at us thanks to Indy trying to eat them. She hates them. I sort of admire their cockiness!

  12. Rita hates crows? Doesn't she realize that crows bring good news?!
    Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie are so excited that we won the KONG treats! When I told them, they began salivating! Thanks!

  13. These things have to be checked out. And who can resist a roll in the grass?

  14. Ha ha! Of course, if she could speak, Rita would probably tell us about how often you're doing boring stuff with her in the room and completely ignoring her.

    1. Hmm. Yes, you are so right... Esp'y today since I've spent pretty much the whole day online or on the phone. Poor Rita!


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