June 11, 2013

Wordless (ha!) Wednesday: KONG Premium Treats Giveaway

If you've been around a while, you know I have a hard time being wordless... and this is going to be another one of those wordy-Wordless Wed. posts. But hey... you could win stuff!

We were approached by JAKKS Pets, partners with KONG for the KONG Premium Treat line, about doing a review and giveaway. Rita said, "Sign us up!" Momma said, "Hang on... let's read through everything."

Once the Momma found out the treats are USA-made (very important - don't buy treats made in China!) and use good ingredients (all-natural, no animal by-products, and no wheat, corn or soy!) she agreed with Rita.

So, the lovely folks from KONG Premium Treats sent us 3 treats of our choosing to try, and now THREE lucky winners will win the same - a prize pack with 3 fabulous treats:

A prize package with a trio of treats!

The trio of treats includes:
* KONG Thick Cut Jerky - Turkey (turkey, barley flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, maple syrup, vegetable glycerine, gelatin, natural flavor, salt, carrots, cranberries, sweet potato, natural smoke flavor, phosphoric acid, sorbic acid, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, rosemary)

* KONG Natural Jerky - Beef (beef, chicory, lecithin, salt, cultured whey, mixed tocopherols, garlic)

* KONG Chew Buddies - Chicken, Single pack (potato flour, rice flour, gelatin, glycerin, water, ground peas, chicken, sunflower oil, rice starch, oat fiber, dried cranberry, natural flavor, ground flax, calcium carbonate, caramel, zinc propionate)
Enough with the fine print, Momma! Let's sample these babies!

I'd like to try the big one first!

As for the review, all the treats were a huge hit!

Rita barely held still for the Thick Cut Jerky. (I like these for stuffing in a Kong when I go out.)
Give it to me NOW!
She also very much enjoyed the Natural Jerky. (These are great for chopping up to use for training.)
"Yes, I'll sit. I'll shake. Whatever. Give it to me!"
But I think for both of us, our fave was the Chew Buddy gator. (These are obviously pretty big, so I'd only use these as a once-in-a-while treat after an active day. Calories in/calories out!)
There's also a pig or a hedgehog, but I enjoy this smiling gator.
This happy fellow has no idea what evil lurks...
Once I give her a big treat like this, she takes off with it. I have to be like a wildlife photographer, snapping shots through table/chair legs while she "hides" on the other side of the dining table:
"Don't bother me, Momma. I'm with my gator. Mmmm. Tastes like chicken."

The only bummer about the gator was that it was gone in a flash. I thought I'd give it to her, she'd gnaw on it a bit, and then I'd take it away and save the rest for another day. Nope... turned my back for a few minutes (7 to be exact, based on the time stamp on the photos) and it was gone! (On the plus side, no upset tummy after that big ol' treat. She was a "solid citizen," as my brother-in-law would say, the next day.) Note that they also make these in a small size for smaller pups.
"Please, Momma... I'd like some more..."

Enter and Win
If you'd like to try to be one of THREE winners to get this fabulous trio of treats, enter via Rafflecopter. Leave a comment below saying how long you think it would take your pup to eat a Chew Buddy. And be sure to hit the "I commented" button on the Rafflecopter widget. (If you are new to Rafflecopter, you just need an email address - so we know how to find you if you win - to sign up.) You can earn more entries by following me or KONG Premium Treats on Facebook and Twitter.

The giveaway is open until midnight next Wednesday, the 19th. Sorry to my non-US readers, but the KONG Premium Treats are only available to be shipped within the US. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

But wait - there's more! Anybody can win a selection of 3 bags of premium treats if you enter an approved video in the KONG video clip contest. Learn more at the link, but basically all you have to do is film a 20-30 second home video showing what your dog will do for their favorite KONG Premium Treats and send it to jakkspetscontest@jakks.net. The video must include a live dog(s) and the KONG Premium Treats product and packaging. All submissions will receive a 3-bag assortment of Soft & Chewy Treats, and the top 3 winners will receive a variety basket, plus KONG Treats will donate 2 cases of KONG Treats to the animal rescue shelter of your choice!

Full disclosure: KONG Premium Treats provided us with their treats to try, and will directly provide the prizes for this giveaway; however, all opinions expressed are my own. Pooch Smooches received no other compensation for this post.

Happy Wordless (**ahem**, or not...) Wednesday! Thank you BlogPaws for hosting Wordless Wednesday!


  1. I have a hard time being completely wordless too lol... after all I think people want to know what's happening in the pictures no? Shiner loves their treats too!

  2. Honestly, I don't think it would take too long for one of those to disappear... all three dogs love KONG!

  3. Enjoy the treats. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. It was a KONG day yesterday. Did not see post on our Tasty Tuesday hop. I got to taste some Kong treats too and enjoyed it. It seems that Rita got a bigger treat ... I got the mini stix that took forever for me to eat. Why? Check out our post and video. Happy BlogPaws (not but tasty) WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Calories in/calories out! Always need to keep this in mind lest we become chubby puppies!


  6. Lucky girl, Rita! I can't believe that alligator didn't put up more of a fight!

  7. Love that gator treat. Indy would devour it in about 5 minutes. Things like that never last as long as I think or would like.

  8. Delilah would eat that Gator buddy in two minutes (maybe less if she decided not to chew.) She's an inhaler, I'd have to really watch her with it! :-)

  9. I would guess it would take her about 10 minutes or more, in her younger days it would be much quicker

  10. It would take Kelly about 4 minutes to eat the entire Chew Buddy. She also would take it and hide like Rita did!

  11. Maxine hasn't ever had one but she loves to chew stuff up so I am going with less than 2 minutes :)

  12. It would take my guys about one gulp to down that gator!

  13. More Kong giveaways! Wow! This is awesome! I just bought my boy the sticks and jerky over the weekend. He loves em so winning more would be super fabulous!

  14. Honey wants Rita to know if she wins, she intends to beat the 7 minute record. I'd guess around 6 minutes or so.

  15. Aww, we are Canadian. Alas, another contest we cannot enter. Good luck to all the entrants.

    1. I know! I feel badly about that - but the Kong folks set the rules on this one.

      I love Canadians! I married one! :)

  16. I'd hate to see you being wordy! (smile)

  17. Those sounds like great treats.

  18. They do look yummy and I think 7 minutes is quite a long time for a pup your size to take to eat a treat. My sister eats something like that in 30 seconds or less. I take my time more like you do. How fun getting to taste test all that stuff!

  19. Haha Jackie,

    Rita must have worked out your dastardly plan to take it back off her! She's a smart cookie! :)

    I'm gonna enter for sure!

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  20. I think it would take probably about an hour. Sissy is a good chewer when she is determined.

  21. my dog loves to chew stuff up it would be gone in about 5 mins lol

  22. My Kaos would probably demolish in less than 5 minutes! He is relentless and nothing will last him very long.

  23. My pup is such a cookie monster we are always looking for new and delicious treats!

  24. 3 minutes. Our dog devours stuff like that.

  25. It would probably only take a few seconds for Dolly, our beagle, to finish off one of those; Charlie, our bassett hound, has better table manners and would most likely take a bit longer!

  26. My 30 pound terrier, about 5 seconds, maybe less. When she was a puppy, she even ate her KONG Classic to get to the treat inside.

    The Chihuahua takes DAYS to eat any kind of treat and it's usually so gross, chewed up, slobbered on, I throw it in the trash before she is done.

  27. It would take my cattle dog about a minute to eat one! He absolutely loves them, he would go to his favorite spot besides the couch and just chew them! My other dog, a schnauzer would take his time. Which is good for when we leave he has something to entertain himself! He would do anything for one!

    Email: ivyncosmo@yahoo.com

  28. Huffle is a bit perverse about working on his treats and such so I give it seven hours. Nonconsecutive. :)

  29. Jackie and Rita,
    It would take Jozi approximately 3 minutes FLAT to eat a Chew Buddy, I believe. She is SO food motivated and LOVES her treats!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Peace, love, barks and treats forever!

  30. Gizmo LOVES the Chew Buddies...Takes him about 15 minutes to finish it off


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