December 31, 2012

Monday Mischief: Rita's Top Ten of 2012

The mischief today is that I, Rita, am taking over the blog so I can list my Top Ten for 2012. (This recapping the year seems to be a big thing with you humans, so I wanted to get in on the fun.)

10. I made a best friend! (Dakota was my sister Angel Abby's best friend too. Momma is so glad that we are friends!)
Dakota has taught me how to be an excellent boxer! I punch Momma all the time!

9. I got to eat a lot of Frosty Paws!

8. I survived meeting Bernie Bin Laden.
...even though he tried to bury me in this hole.

7. I got a long-distance boyfriend. (I recently found out though that he weighs half of what I weigh... Disconcerting.)
Ain't he the cutest?!

6. I went to the beach about 8000 times! (Okay, maybe 200 times...but in "dog times" that's 8000 times!)

5. I got to go on a bunch of fun vacations with Momma and Daddy! 
We went to the dessert... (although this looks like the mountains)
...and the mountains...(although this looks like a field of flowers)

...and to Grandma's house! (Although this looks like a lake.)
4. Momma and Daddy moved up from a Queen to a King-sized bed, so now there's more room for everyone (well, sometimes I still steal Momma's spot) and we all sleep better.
Oh, is this your spot, Momma? The guest room's available...

3. I had a fabulous Christmas.... except for these silly hats Momma kept trying to put on me.
Can we just do the present thing now?

2. I found out what a Flying Dutchman is, and I got to eat a bunch of them!!

1. I found my FUREVER home!
Me and my pawrents!

I think Momma had a good year too. Although I know she and Daddy were said cuz my angel sister, Abby, became my angel sister. Abby getting her wings meant there was room for me to come and live with Momma and Daddy. I waited for months at the shelter for Momma and Daddy to be ready for me! MONTHS!

My angel sister watches out for me! She helped me find this fabulous furever home, after all! (I have her and my other angel sister, Bailey, to thank for that, cuz Momma and Daddy say I look just like a mix of the two of them!)

Momma also published her book this year, and although I don't know exactly what all that means, I do know it means she spends a lot of time staring at the box on her desk. She seems to think that's fun. (She's weird.) Anyway, she even got this lovely review (I overheard her reading it aloud to Daddy) that made her get all teary-eyed:
After quitting smoking, I no longer sat on the patio devouring novel after novel. At that time I was reading probably five to six books weekly. (I would read while doing everything, makeup, cooking, walking...) When my husband died, I stopped reading books altogether...reading only magazines, specific pet journals and the Readers Digest. When someone suggested What the Dog Ate by Jackie Bouchard, I figured it would probably just be another novel I purchased then gave away. I have DEVOURED this book, laughing out loud, turning pages as fast as I could speed through Maggie's story and the best thing of all, I was PISSED when the story ended....looking vainly through the couple of blank pages after the last "." thinking maybe, just maybe there was another chapter hidden away (in very very small print). I cannot tell you what a joy it was not only to read a book again, but to read one that was so delightful and had characters you liked and believed in. I truly think that Maggie and Kona are continuing to live their lives (and I won't give away how) in joyful anticipation of the next chapters....I'm only sorry I won't be reading about it...unless? unless?? Well, one can only hope that Ms. Bouchard has more in store for us and soon. And if it isn't more about Maggie...well then, bring it on, whatever and whoever it is about.

Oh, wait, sorry... Momma is wrestling the 'pooter away from me...

Jackie here - thanks to everyone who followed the blog this year and checked in for both the sadness (it was a rough start to the year, losing Abby on January 10th after her courageous fight against bone cancer) and the silliness. Mostly a lot of silliness. And thanks to everyone who read my book and let me know that they enjoyed it. It really does mean the world!

Here's hoping everyone has a happy, healthy, wonderful 2013! 
(Filled with lots of treats! ~ Rita)


  1. Great post, Rita and Jackie! ;)
    Rita, you are definitely the coolest dog ever with those shades! Wishing you both an awesome 2013! x

  2. I think this is the "Best of 2012" I've seen yet! Rita, you are very photogenic! My pooch, Kati, also enjoys the fact that we have a king sized bed and in return she helps keep my feet warm at night.

    Kati also rescued us - much in the same way you rescued your family. I hope your 2013 is just as wonderful if not better and I'm looking forward to reading your momma's book.


  3. Rita you had a super wonderful dawg year & Iz real jealous about dose flying dutchesmen cuz we no haf In&Out here in Florida...Happy, healthy & loving New Year to you and yours from Beth & Gizmo

    1. Oh, Gizmo, that is a bummer about the no In N Out thing! Maybe your momma could make you a special homemade Flying Dutchman!

  4. What a great look back at the year! I have truly enjoyed reading your posts and hope the best for you in 2013! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Jen! Happy new year to you and your pack as well!

  5. Oh Bunny Love Rita! You added me to your love blog! I'm so happy! I'm gonna get fat...just for you! And the we'll weight the same or maybe I'll weight more and then you'll feel skinny! Regardless, I like big boned girls (I like mommy and she is big boned!)!

    Kinda miss Scabby Abby. I bet her and my angel sister Comet are comparing notes about me. I sure liked to pester both of them!

    Rocket aka Monkeybutt Bunny Skinny Love Muffin (soon to be Fatbutt!)

    P.S. I got my eye on you Dakota.

    1. Oh, my skinny Love Muffin, you don't need to worry about Dakota! She's a girl! (It's Big Bear you need to be worried about...)

      I will love you always, fat or skinny!
      bunny Rita

    2. Phew!!! I'm glad to hear about Dakota!

  6. Rita is one lucky pooch. But then all the dogs in our family are pretty dang lucky!

  7. That was a great post. Rita you are so lucky! Happy New Year to all of you!!

  8. Your top 10 list is fantastic! Best wishes for another great year ahead!

  9. Finchy is impressed with Dakota's boxing skills and is proud of you for learning the art of "boxing" :-) Loved your top 10 list- and we hope you have a pawesome new year!


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