December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Rita's Christmas Recap

Rita here with a photo-journalist style review of my holiday.

It started out not too good. There was a lot of this.


And this.


Really? Is this how it's going to be? This was my first Christmas with my new unit, and this is what Momma was making such a big deal about?

Then it started to get good when I got a present to unwrap!

A squirrel!

Is this one for me too?? What do you mean no?!

Then Daddy got a Buddha that smelled really good.

And tasted even better!

Nom, nom, Buddha!

These little nubs are fun to chew on.

I was depressed when it was all over.

No - not really. I was just waiting for Momma to fetch my squirrel off the floor!
Momma, come on! Be snappy about it!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Mine was great! I even gave Momma FOUR kisses to thank her - and I am very stingy with the kisses.


  1. Rita we are glad things got better for you on Christmas day. I hope your wordless Wednesday is even better.

  2. Oh, Rita, I'm sure your Mom appreciated your patience with the dress up! :)
    My dogs don't like that part either. It looks like it got so much better after that, looks like a great Christmas!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. My Maya loves to watch everyone open their presents. Then she likes to sniff each one. She doesn't like the silly costumes and ribbons, though.

  4. Those photos really do tell a story...Rita's face is so expressive

  5. Oh my bunny love what have they done to you!?? You look so cute but I totally understand how wearing "stuff" aint right!

    I would totally chew on those nubs with you if I was there!

    -Your "hate wearing clothes" monkeyboyfriend

  6. Oh wow! You had a great Christmas! That squirrel looks like it needs to be shaken, not stirred.

  7. It can all be a little bewildering!

  8. LOL. We call the act of opening and destroying presents a "hog slaughter" in our house. Fortunately, the toys are meatless and the dogs don't know the difference!


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