December 10, 2012

Monday Mischief: The Ghost of Christmas Past

We really miss our beautiful Abby, but I miss her in a special way on Mondays because she was one heck of a mischief-maker. You could always count on her for counter-surfing, underwear-thieving, and sock-sucking. (The sock-sucking was kinda sweet... every time we'd come home we'd find her with one of our socks next to her. She liked to carry them around when we were gone. Luckily she never ate one, but she did enjoy nibbling them a bit.)

Thankfully, I don't have photos of her chewing our underwear, but here's an example of her mischief, as she cruises through the living room, flaunting her disregard for the "No Sticks in the House" Rule.
"It's not a stick. It's a big cigar."

This weekend we got our Christmas tree and I unpacked all our boxes of Christmas decorations. There were many memories of our master mischief maker, Abby, in the boxes. Here's a little sampling of some of Abby's special Christmas mischief:

At first glance, an idyllic snowman scene...

...on closer inspection, the snowman's right skate and left hand are clearly nibbled!
Another happy little homemade snowman..
...also nibbled. I could sew him up, but then my Abby reminder is gone.

Best for last, here's our lovely manger...

...where Abby had a sampling of Baby Jesus.

In contrast, Rita is practically an angel, which is wonderful for leaving things about that you don't want thieved or perforated or covered in dog slobber, as she ignores said things, but it's hard to come up with mischief posts about her!

Here's to our special, mischievous Christmas angel Abby and the special reminders she left behind for us!


  1. My guys are very good when left on their own. Once they were past a year old, nothing ever got chewed up. And being corgis, they really can't counter surf, but I am pretty positive if they had normal, longer legs, nothing edible would be safe!

  2. That's pretty funny. I love the little tiny nibbles on stuff.

  3. Miss that Angel Abby! And the sock nibbles sound so sweet! We, as you know have Rocket underwear pics!

  4. I love that you have Christmas reminders of Abby. Our family clock has nibbles from our first cockatiel, Clive. They live in our hearts always. :)

  5. Aw! This is such a great post! Abby sounds like she was quite the mischief maker! Thanks for sharing some of her mischief memories!

  6. Awww! Your angel Abby left you some wonderful memories!

  7. So sweet.

    But be careful what you ask for, you're giving Rita some good ideas!

  8. Hi Jackie,

    Abby's Mischief sure was impressive, definitely at the level of Master!! Don't give up hope though, Rita just needs more time, encouragement and training!! Tee Hee

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. Everything's just a little better with a coating of dog slobber and that slightly chewed look, right?

    Sweet post. :)


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