December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Scenes from a Walk

Okay, this won't be wordless, but it will be less-wordy and more-picture-y...

I got the idea for this post because I love this Abominable Snowman & Rudolph display in a neighbor's window:
Sorry about the not-great shot, but it's in a 2nd story window

I especially love how they are standing on 2 of the dining room chairs. I love that she's not fussed about having her dining room look perfect, in order to share this little bit of holiday silliness with the neighborhood.

I also knew I wanted to take some pics of the last vestiges of fall in San Diego
We don't get much fall here, but what little we get is darn pretty!
Other than those two things, I had no idea what I'd find to take pics of on this walk, but I dragged my camera along anyway hoping we'd come upon something. And, luckily, Rita found a ball! 
Not just any ball - a squeaky ball!

So, many pics were snapped of her enjoying it oh-so-much!
"I LOVE this ball!"

"Best. Ball. Ever!"
"It squeaks when I roll on it!"

"Best. Walk. Ever!"
It's a little embarrassing when your dog makes these gyrations on a neighbor's lawn, while you stand there attached to the other end of the leash...

Anyway, I told her if she wanted to keep it, she had to carry it the rest of the way home.
"It'th totally worths it."

Of course, who ended up carrying it most of the way? The Momma. That's who. (Along with a pine cone that I needed to fill out a Christmas display...) And it was too hot for a jacket, so no pockets to stuff it in.
I like this pic cuz you can see Rita's shadow in it.

Later, we lost the Best Ball Ever in some bushes.
...not these exact bushes, but we never did find it!

Here's another neighbor's big jingle bell.
Do you see me w/ my camera in the reflection?

Happy, um, not-so-wordy but very picture-y Wednesday!


  1. Torrey does that on the grass too. It's too funny.

  2. Woof! Woof! Interesting Abominable Snowman. It's a good picturey Wednesday. Happy 12-12-12 not so Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. OOOH it's Rudolph and Bumble. Love! Happy BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday!

  4. The abominal snowman!How lucky are you to own such a furry guy...though he seems a lot smaller in person....

  5. I love that Bumble and Rudolph! We have both! Rita sure looks like she had a hoot with that ball, too bad it got lost in the bushes.

  6. That looks like it was a great ball!! Glad you had a happy Wednesday. :)



  7. Those were fun pictures! Happy Wednesday and 12.12.12!

  8. Oooo! I like that jingle bell!

  9. Thanks for stopping by our blog! It looks like Christmas in your window. Hope your wordless Wednesaday was great!

  10. Superb pictures thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blogs.

    You captured Rita's joy so wonderfuly. x

  11. Gosh, you may not have snow but it's so sunny there that everyone must always be in a good mood. These photos have cheered me right out of my dreary gloom!

  12. Rita is such a cool doggie! You guys must be having lots of fun!

    I read the excerpt from your book and it seems like a great book :) Maybe I'll get it for Christmas ;)

    Audrey (from

  13. Oh no Rita,

    You lost the best ball ever!! Doh!! Maybe Santa will bring you one just like it for Christmas? :)

    Cosmo, my buddy, embarrasses me by rolling around all over peoples lawns and he doesn't even have a ball!! :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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