July 16, 2012

Monday Mischief: Counter Surfing

We recently won a sample pack of Honest Kitchen food and treats, thanks to the folks at Fido Friendly magazine and Honest Kitchen. I won it by correctly answering a trivia question about Honest Kitchen on Fido Friendly's Facebook page. I just happened to know the answer off the top of my head, because I'd been thinking of switching Rita to Honest Kitchen and had been on their site a few days before. But then I got lazy and didn't order any food.

Well, now that we won the sample, and Rita has discovered how delicious it is, we'll definitely be making the switch. Rita really loves the treats too; here she is counter-surfing for one of the Pecks treats:

I recently discovered there's a regular Monday blog hop called "Monday Mischief" co-hosted by Snoopy's DogBlog, Alfie’s Blog, Luna Dogs Life and My Brown Newfies.
Snoopy's Dog Blog

Rita is not actually all that mischievous...
She's generally a very good puppy, but she couldn't resist the Pecks, so had to do a little counter surfing to see if she could get some more. Or maybe she was just trying to read the box. (It's all human-quality ingredients! Nothing you can't pronounce!)

"Hmm. Buffalo and blueberry. Very interesting!"

It's funny because the site describes them as "bite-sized buffalo and blueberry cookies for pups of all sizes. Pecks are perfect for training – they’re quick to serve and easy to munch, during proactive sessions for obedience." Apparently they also inspire disobedience. I guess we are probably doing it wrong...

The only thing Rita doesn't like about the food is waiting the 5 minutes for it to rehydrate.
"5 minutes is FOREVER."

"Seriously, you're just torturing me now. I KNOW it's been 5 minutes!"

Book stuff... 
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  1. mmm...those sound like some good treats. Maybe I'll have to order some for my boys. I'm pretty sure Stetson will have a problem waiting 5 minutes for them to rehydrate.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Hey Rita,

    Next time I'd set the alarm so your Mum can't keep you waiting a second longer!! Tee Hee

    Love your excuse for counter surfing ' reading the ingredients ' I'll have to remember that!!

    I was caught surfing the other night, I'm not really a counter surfer so Mum had left some Cheese up there for a few minutes ' unattended ' so I thought I'd just check on it!! Yep, I got busted before my tongue even got close - doh!!

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. Looks like Rita is a natural at counter surfing!

  4. My girls LOVE Honest Kitchen!!! Any and all of it, but yes, the waiting is torture -- puddles of drool on the floor!

  5. How ironic you wrote about this. We just had an Honest Kitchen/Counter Surfing episode at our house today. I had a couple sample packs of their food on a low counter (but still high for a Dachshund). When we got home one of the dogs we were watching had gotten the package and eaten it all. Good thing they already eat raw anyway :)

  6. Your Doxies must be good climbers!

    I think the stuff just smells so good to the pups, it inspires them to new heights of mischievousness. Rita normally almost never counter surfs!

    We got a box of the food in the mail today and she tried to tear it open herself. Need to post a pic of that.


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