July 3, 2012

Spa Day for Elmo & George

Last time I introduced you all to the silliness that is the Monkey-Me Elmo Tour. I think the boys are enjoying their time here in San Diego - especially since we are one of the more pleasant places to be right now, at least in terms of air temperature.

See how there's that lovely little "72" down in the lower left corner? We're actually even cooler than that. If we got up into the 70s in my neighborhood today I'd be surprised. I even had to wear a jacket this morning when I walked Rita. But back to the boys, since "It's All About the (bunny) Ears" and not the weather...

They kicked off their visit with a cocktail while watching the sunset.
Chillin' with a martini (you can just barely see the sun)
...and here you can see Rita lurking... (Cue the Jaws music.)

...and then getting closer...
...and closer....
...and attempting to abscond with Elmo.

Luckily Elmo was saved from Rita's clutches. (But not by George, cuz he was half in the bag already...)

Next the boys insisted on a spa day. Apparently they heard about Barney's spa day and didn't want to be outdone by a stupid singing purple dinosaur. So we started with a lovely steam shower.
Cuts down on cucumber expenses when you only have 1 eye.
It was all very relaxing. Until Rita showed up...
Look at the horror in Elmo's one good eye. (George is oblivious.)
George remains oblivious while Rita nibbles Elmo's head...

...and attempts to abscond with him.
Tripawd Warrior Princesses in Pink
Elmo was again snatched from the jaws of the beast. But not by George.

Then (bi)Curious George insisted that he wanted his nails done. Thankfully Elmo offered to do the manicure (monkicure?). George also insisted on wearing the Tripawd Warrior Princess crown while his nails were done. And he wanted them painted pink, but I had to draw the line there. A temporary borrowing of the crown is one thing, but I told him in no uncertain terms that pink is reserved for Tripawd Warrior Princesses so he settled (begrudgingly) for a coat of clear polish.
 There was talk of massages but I put the kibosh on that.

Don't they look well rested and ready to rock on roll on to their next tour stop? We just have to get through the 4th of July holiday and barring any mishaps, they'll be ready to travel again!

Brief Book Update
I ordered the "proof" copy of the print book today for What the Dog Ate. It's on its way here, and if all looks good, then it will be ready to start selling!

Also, if you want to read a little something I wrote about birth order, check out my friend and fellow author Tracie Banister's blog here. There's still time to enter to win an e-copy of What the Dog Ate.  

Happy 4th of July all!


  1. ooh, spa day!!! looks like rita had other ideas.

    charon & spirit gayle

  2. You really captured the fear in Elmos eye in the spa! Well done!

  3. Awesome!!! I want a spa day at your house -- notice the temperature in the upper left corner (brrrr. will summer ever arrive?).

  4. SPA DAY??? I am going to wrap myself in a box and come too!! Oh and BTW Miss Jackie...Pegz says the correct term is NAIL PAW-LISH <3

  5. peeing my pants about elmo with only one cucumber eye!!

  6. Oh boy! I wished I was there having martinis and cucumbers with you, my salsa sweetie!! Plus, I could easily take down(bi)Curious George! He looks a little, uh, well....dopey. Glad he didn't visit me! That would have been weird.

    I see Elmo (with both eyes) has survived another round of the Monkeydogs. Good luck getting him to leave! He loves living on formal dining tables and bookshelves! Go figure.

    Until later my dearest-

  7. I'm not Anonymous, I'm Monkeybutt Bunny Vampire Pirate!

  8. Not again! Who's Anonymous?

  9. mmmm what an interesting spa day! I hope you all have another relaxing day today. Have fun!


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