July 6, 2012

What the Dog Destroyed?

"Stop doing weights, Momma!"
Calling All Destructo-Dogs! 
We have been really lucky with Rita not being a destructo-dog. Of course, we were a bit worried since her foster mom said she "ate" a love seat, but, honestly, other than attacking my 5-lb weight the other day, this is the most destruction she's ever caused.
Puppies will chew...

So, when we were approached by Liz of the Indestructible Dog Gear blog to participate in and help spread the word about her contest to win an UnbreakOBall, well, I entered Abby instead. Click HERE to submit your own destructo-dog story, and be sure to scroll down to read "The Tale of Abby & Barney: A Love Story."

This is really a cute contest - you submit pictures of your pup as well as the destruction, and write up a little description of what happened, and Liz embellishes it to highlight "The Culprit" (in this case Abby), "The Victim" (Barney) and "The Verdict" (you'll have to link over to see Abby's verdict!).

The contest runs through the end of July, and you can win an UnbreakOBall for your pup. Liz said that depending on the response, she and the makers of the UnbreakOBall might turn this into a running monthly "Indestructibility Contest"! Liz hopes to build up the biggest collection of doggie destruction evidence on the Internet, so get out there with your destructo-dog stories and help be part of the fun!

In other news...
We'll return to the final installment of the Monkey Me Elmo Tour next time, so stay tuned for news on how the Fourth went for Elmo & George, and also to find out where they are going next.

As for book news, I got the "proof" copy of What the Dog Ate today. It looks like a real book! My photo of it is not great and the title looks a bit blurry, but in real life it looks good and Charley (aka "Kona") looks extremely handsome on the cover!! Now I have to go through it carefully this weekend and make sure there's nothing funny with the formatting, but it should be for sale very soon(ish), as long as I don't find anything to change.


  1. Knock on wood, Indy is not destructive. The only thing of mine she ruined was a tiny part of the spine of a book. (We don't like to talk about the time Terry puppysat her and Indy chewed on her dining room chair.) She doesn't even destroy her toys.

  2. Yeah, what is it about dogs being destructive at Terry's house?? Bailey ate the corner of a footstool there. And remember when Sugar went nuts and destroyed the patio furniture cuz she saw us leaving with our suitcases? I think she was only alone for about 30 min!

  3. We wrote about that contest too! The only thing Kelly destroyed was a Diet Coke can. She shredded it but didn't get a single cut!

    Congrats on the book, isn't that just the best feeling to hold it in your hands? I can't wait to see it!


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